Any Audio DAC users with the 4 port single monitor KVM switch from Lv1T?

I’m thinking about getting the 4 port x 1 monitor KVM switch (non-usb c) when the next batch comes in. Two questions related to DAC audio output use:

  1. I see in the picture/specs that it has one USB 3.0 output on the bottom right back side of the unit. I’m assuming that this output will be the best choice for use with my NAD D3045 DAC/stereo amp combo unit?

  2. If that’s the case, why would using the usb 3.0 output be better than one of the usb 2.0 HID outputs?

The full setup is: 2018 mac mini, custom built gaming PC w/Gigabyte Designare z390 mobo, Asus PG279q gsync monitor [email protected]