Any Arma 3 Players? (Rant)

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Anybody here playing Arma 3?

Worst $60 I've ever spent. I feel like an idiot. Modder's paradise, yes, but the game is still a colossal piece of buggy shit—and we all know you can't polish a turd.

I started playing Arma 2 because of DayZ, and stayed on when Wasteland became a thing. My brother, who's pretty adept with scripting, started making missions with me and we had a lot of fun with it. Then Arma 3 came out, and my brother was freaking out about how much better it was, and I finally gave in and got it a few weeks ago (he's had it since Alpha).

I didn't buy the game because it's a war sim. I'm not really into that kind of stuff. I bought it for Wasteland and making custom campaigns with my brother. I bought it because PvP in Arma 2's Wasteland and DayZ was some of the most heart-pounding, bitter-taste-in-your-mouth gaming I'd ever experienced.

But I don't care how modder friendly it is, it just plain sucks. Where do game companies get the nerve these days to withhold content for DLC purposes? Where do they get the nerve to release an unfinished game at full price? Where do they get the nerve to promise content, and not deliver it? The game crashes every time a helicopter blows up and the animations are like something you'd see in the original Ghost Recon (not bashing GR, one of my favorite games of all time)... If it wasn't called a game, if instead they marketed it as merely a jumping off point for people like my brother to make something out of it, and it were $20, I'd be okay with it. But Arma 3 does not deserve to be called a game at this point, and I think the devs should be ashamed.

I'm not an expert, and I don't know too much about the technical side of games, but I feel completely swindled; I'm not saying a game of this scope should be free of bugs, but I certainly don't think the quality of the game in it's current state warrants the full retail price tag.

What do you guys think?

I bought it when it was $30 in alpha and have only played about 20 hours and it was spent on tdm server in alpha ( not up any more)  I have found my self continuing to play ARMA 2 OA over ARMA 3 I will start playing Altis life soon though as Takistan life was really fun in ARMA 2

yeah I bought it when it was $30ish also. I've got over 300 hours into it and I've noticed alot of problems depend on the server you are in, and also many problems only affect certain people. For example, I haven't crashed in a few months, but my friend (whose system is quite capable of playing the game) can't stay on for more than ten minutes. Hopefully some of the patches hammer out the problems you're having :/

Can't polish a turd, eh?

Yeah... it's just a shame that this game won't even run on a system like mine without problems—it just doesn't seem right.

But you can roll it in glitter! 

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Aha. Thanks!