Any advice?

so me and my friend came up with this build for my first ever
PC and I wanted to get advice from others that know more about PC's than I do...


Here is the build:


What the rig for? Gaming? Work? Editing?

That particular motherboard is imho too weak for the cpu and doesnt have usb3 headers so the case's front usb3 ports are wasted.

The 260x will struggle with demanding titles.

Faster ram will make <1% difference and wont be noticeably different to that of 1600mhz (cheaper) kits. 

a quick build >> - with ssd, r9 280

Later on add a better cpu cooler if you want. wouldnt recommend overclocking too much if you do, the board will have its limits.

Well what are you going to use this for? For gaming I'd recommend a heftier GPU, r9 270 at least.

Dejeta beat me to it, go with that build

sorry forgot to mention xD the PC will be pretty much for gaming and work