Any advice for if you don't have room for a project?


I live in an apartment, so I don't have a drive way or garage to tinker in. So far I've been getting away with creating my custom case in the kitchen space, however I've hit a snag as I really can't tin brass fittings without producing fumes that'll set off the fire alarm. Anyone have any advise?

Balcony? Roof? Dryer duct attached to a window fan to vent the fumes? Friends garage?

Perhaps work next to a window with a fan blowing on you outward toward the window so you can blow the fumes out? or take the batteries out of the alarm temporarily if that's accessible?

Personally what I'd be doing is working on my balcony if I was in that situation, so that's also a suggestion if you have one

I thought about the balcony, but then there's the fear of angry neighbours (then again they've yet to complain about the noise when I'm routing off a chunk of metal).... you may have given me the courage to do so... may be... we'll see tomorrow if I go through with it... I hope I don't get evicted X_X. Hmmm.... may be super early in the morning.

Sure. If getting evicted is your goal lol. Probably shouldn't do it when most people are still sleeping. Mid-day is the most acceptable time to make noise. If you're really worried about angry neighbors, let them know what you'll be doing ahead of time. Most people are cool with noise if they know what it's about, and have a heads up before hand.

Well for that stuff I usually do aim for mid-day and typically in short burst over a number of days to keep annoyance at a minimal, but for this stuff it's more of a fear of people making a big enough fuss that it's a fire hazard (which if done recklessly, is).

Anyway, after enough feedback I ended up working up enough courage to do it from the balcony and the results are interesting and I'm definitely liking it. Anyway, I got work tomorrow and I need some shut eye. I'll follow up tomorrow with the results. Thanks for the feed back everyone!

Just turn of the fire alarm.