Any advice for Deus Ex on modern systems

I just recently finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution and have owned the original Deus Ex for a while now (steam sale purchase). I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for playing the original on modern systems. I know there are HD mods out there, but I didn't know which to go for. Any input would be helpful.



I used this article as a starting point. 

- has a nice launcher that allows you to customize quite a bit. It also has a few other renderers. I'm using Direct3D 10. Note that some renders speed up the game audio in a weird way. If this happens use the console to limit fps to 100 or so, that's what worked for me. 

-Next install New Vision and HDTP mods. They are pretty nice and the character models are a nice improvement. 

-The Launcher also allows for maintaining (turning on and off) your mods through "Data Directories" button. 

-Finally make sure to go in game into Settings-HDTP options to turn what you need on. 

Disclaimer: I'm new to installing mods (if pcgamer article wasn't a good enough sign of that). Anyone else that has more pointers go for it! 

Here you go.

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