Any 7950 owners out there? Help please

Hey guys, any 7950 owners out there? I brought a MSI TF III 7950 not too long ago and ive been trying to OC, but with all hopes it keeps on crashing, which worries me. Im currently using msi afterburner atm. Not too stable and if you could tell your your OC settings that would be great, thanks :)

This is what i have my MSI TFIII set to but you may find your card just isent a good overclocker.

my 7950 only does 1100 core and 1400 memory, but it's a sapphire vapor-x.

i have a sapphire 7950 oc edition didnt overclock the core to much


My sapphire 7950 OCs to 1180/1450 and my MSI TFIII OCs to 1250/1600.

Be sure that power limit is set to +20%, and up your voltage a little bit.

I have a Gigabyte Windforce 7950. Stock clocks are 1000 core and 1250 memory.

Best stable OC I've managed is 1150 core and 1450 memory using AMD overdrive.

Power control setting I found yielded slightly better temps and stability at +15% instead of +20%.