Antlion Modmic 2.0 Review

*Copied from my own 2 month old forum post*


So, I ordered the Antlion Modmic 2.0 about 7 months ago, looking for a replacement for my ever so mediocre Zalman ZM-Mic1

It took about 1 week to get to my doorstep. I live in Canada, so considering it had to travel down the west coast to California and then through Canadian customs, that's not bad at all.

Packaging is exactly what it needs to be. It comes in a thick cardboard poster tube. Everything is bubblewrapped and packed in nice and tight. Its light, so it should survive any trip you throw at it.

Inside is the modmic, 2 magnets with double sided tape to attach to the side of your headphones. So you can put it on 2 sets, have one ambidextrous set, or have an extra for a future headphone upgrade. It also comes with cleaner for your headphones, a foam mic cover, and the instructions are printed on the outside of the tube. Really simple

The cord is long. Like ridiculously long. I wrapped it around my headset cable and tied it off at the end with a twist tie. You will  have plenty of cable to work with no matter what your setup.

The mounting magnet has little teeth, so when you want to move your mic away, you can simply flip it up. Huzzah, beer time!

The Modmic is a very nice addition to any headset for gaming and online calls. The voice quality is that of any high quality headset mic. It was a bit quiet at 3 or more inches away from my mouth. Unless you're loud as all hell, keep it around 2-2.5 inches from your mouth. Not any closer. You don't need to deafen whoever is listening on the other side.

The wand portion of the modmic I got is flexible and will bend to whatever position you prefer. I found the best place to put it is at the corner of my mouth to cut down on air hitting the mic. Also, the mic faces forward, so try to point the mic at your mouth.

Disclaimer: This is not a recording mic. Spend the money and get yourself a Blue Snowball if you plan on recording. It can get a bit muddy with the cover on, and without it, you get hard punches with every hard consonant. 

I bought it because I had a nice set of headphones and I wanted a mic to communicate in game with without cluttering up my desk. Mission accomplished. It does exactly than, and only that. Don't expect it to be the bees-knees of all microphones. The price is a little steep. This is definitely nicer than the Zalman clip mic, but not high enough quality for someone looking to record professional voice overs. 

If you have a crappy set of headphones and want a mic, spend an extra 30 bucks and get a headset. If you have a nice set of headphones and want to use them for gaming, get the modmic. Simple. 

And now, picatures.

Package Contents

ModMic and Boom

Stick it to the side o' yer headphones and yer off

Sexy model with mic in "up" position

Sexy Model with Mic in Active Position.