Anticipated Game Releases everyone is looking fowa

Fallout 3

Stalker Clear Sky

When stalker comes out I am going into hibernation.

spores will be a good little game to keep around

its not spores, its spore

lol yeah i know X_x i've been at work all day and the gym shush i'm tired XD

Crysis Warhead

Farcry 2

Red alert 3

Dawn of War 2

Battlefield 3 (?)

far cry 2

star craft 2

stalker cs (playing the first stalker and enjoying it)

left 4 dead

fall out 3

crysis warhead

sadly there are a couple xbox games I need them being fable 2 and RE5

I spent about 4 hours on my mythos beta account and i got bored and haven't played it since then. it like wow is just to slow of a game for me. hopefully Diablo 3 will keep my attention

i've never played stalker. i should give it a try. and yeah, i forgot about farcry 2! O.o

I'm looking forward to...


StarCraft 2

Diablo 3

FarCry 2



Half Life 2: Episode 3

Crysis: Warhead


Killzone 2

Resistance 2

Gran Turismo 5


Mercenaries 2 (CANNOT WAIT!!!)


Gears of War 2

Funny thing about Crysis: Warhead is, I didn't like the first Crysis that much. Its a beautiful game and is extremely impressive on the graphics front, however, I didn't find the actual gameplay very thrilling. Crysis: Warhead on the other hand, has really peaked my interest. From the sounds of it though, they're going to be cranking the action up a ton, which is something I think that game needs.

Also, I own neither a PS3 or 360 right now. I am very close to purchasing one, however...and the lineup for the PS3 for this year and beyond truely has my psyched. The 360's only upcoming game that really interests me is Gears of War 2...and I'm not going to make my decision on that one game when the PS3 has many that I'm looking forward to.

I've had a hard time deciding between getting Mercs 2 on PS3 or PC too...Being that I'm usually one that follows a rule of "If PC is a choice of platforms, buy it on it", however, the original Mercenaries is a game that I've spent countless hours showing off to friends and passing the controller around, and bringing it with me where I go. Its just a great game to screw around with and have some laughs, so I think i will be getting it on there.

-Far Cry 2


-Battlefield Bad Company

Dead space

Mad world (for the wii looks freakin awesome and funny)

The new prince of persia

Mirrors Edge

God of War 3 mainly for the story line they left me at in the second one and it's ending

Gears of War 2 and Gears of war 3 O_o pfft

shiz i forgot farcry 2. XD

:P lol someone said far cry 2 so i kinda left it out of my list O_o although i really want to play it

what about COD5?

What about Mass Effect 2? >_>

i saw the trailer for COD5, it looks good, its based in WWII again

i forgot about mass effect 2 as well. that was such a good game

I know right O_o dude i love the pc version so much ; ; pretty much gonna have one of my friends who does decals and artwork on cars, have the side of my case with the Mass Effect logo, or maybe something better O_o

i'd go with something better. why doesn't he just make up a sweet decal/logo for you. you can make many stickers and post em everywhere! then people would know you were there

well see it's not stickers, he will actually prime the side of the case and then airbrush whatever i want on it. so yeah i might come up with something in refrence with a white fox ^^b

well, he can paint the side of your case, sure, but what i mean is have him paint it on, but paint it on a piece of paper as well or something, and get stickers made. its a win win!