Anticipated Game Releases everyone is looking fowa

These are the games i'm looking foward to

-Starcraft 2

-Gears of War 2

-Fable 2

-Too Human

-Diablo 3 (not till around 2010 though...T_T)

-Mythos (its free! and it looks like fun. just waiting for beta to end and it be open to everyone)


thats really it. those are the only games that have caught my attention for the time being. hopefully others will come along and rock my pants off

-Starcraft 2

-Diablo 3

-Fallout 3

-Fable 2

-Gears of war 2

-Rock band 2

Gears of War 3 XD XD XD XD

lmfao. thats if the story doesn't end in Gears of War 2

LittleBigPlanet anybody? :P

lol yeah no doubt :P i doubt that the ADHD cliffy B would let gears die lol and LittleBigplanet WTF! is all i have to say to a game like that, it is so weird it made me rethink my life... and childhood :P but it looks awesome

Alone in the dark, GoW2, Diablo 3

Left 4 Dead.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky

Any other games are rubbish.


No gears of war 3? ; ; Halo 3 for PC?! SUPER MARIO MEETS BARBIE?!

He already has.

Mario screwed Peach. Peach gave birth. Birth was Barbie. Barbie was fat, and had a moustache. Plastic surgery became Barbie's best friend. Now Mario doesn't recognize his daughter anymore, it's so sad! :O

Hey... ; ; you have a major point. But that doesn't solve my gears of war 3 problem <_< i mean when is the movie coming out! Come on halo and gears, give me a good movie so i can actually throw in a 1080p movie in for once instead of torrenting

GOW 2 and rock band 2...

rock band and all the guitar heroes are fun and all, but i think all of you who put hours into the game would have much more fun learning to play REAL guitar. ;D

Guitar Rising Look into it :D

Oh man I forgot about

-Far cry 2 omgogmomg

YES.... far cry 2 :D nice added fire to burn out the newbs :D

i forgot about fallout 3...

Spores any1?


Battlefield 3[?]

Far Cry 2

Some more.