Anti-EDM Stance?

Seems like every metalhead I talk to who has the "music is everything" mentality ends up starting a flame war when they borrow my phone and go to my library, find out I'm a DJ or overhear a conversation with others like me who like EDM (electronic dance music, club music in other words.) Is this all of them, or am I just surrounded by the super dedicated? and closed minded haha?


Also, I'm not anti-metal. I just don't like the sound (NOT STARTING A FLAME WAR, not saying you're opinions are wrong, just not my taste, pleae don't take offence). I do, however, have thousands of songs in my library by rock bands (Rise Against being among my favorite non-electronic artist) but it seems like the fact that my preference is EDM that I'm a horrible person who'se "killing real music."


If someone thinks that way, please explain it. I think hip hop and some pop is responsible for killing real music, definitely not EDM.


If you're unfamilar with EDM or only know of the super mainstream artists who ride on fame rather than good dance music, cough Skrillex and David Guetta cough, here's two GOOD EDM tracks. They are by relatively mainstream artists, or as mainstream as EDM gets for that matter but continue to make great tracks. (progressive house, Deadmau5 - The Veldt) (progressive house, Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat. Sexy video too haha) (drum & bass, Netsky - Come Alive. Pretty cool video)


Is it really that bad? (Aka is my music taste really that weird? haha) Or are the metalheads around here just a-holes?


Personally I love everything except for Country and Hardcore Gangster Rap. I usually am listening to either Alternative Rock, Metal, or EDM. I've been raised around Aternative and Metal my entire life so I'm not against it. I think when it comes to the point of which some metal heads stop at EDM is that they've only heard the popular EDM songs and none of the really good ones. Which is a shame but really isn't enough to make a big deal out of. Just like what you like man and don't worry about it. Good music is Good Music. 

I've been a metal head all of my life, always played in metal bands and I like me some good EDM

Some of my friends are really into metal and they were perplexed when I told them that I listen to electronic music. I don't know why, but they all think it is horrible. I tihnk I might be one of the few people who likes electronic and metal. 

I also grew up on Rock/metal and now find my self listening to EDM.


Basically Hip-hop derivations, and Pop are the thing you want to spit on.

I mainly listen to Metal, but have no problem with EDM people like you, It's just not in my preferences, but I respect them, as I also respect rock and punk listeners.

If this metalheads are being mean to you for this, they are beeing a-holes, it's not like you are listening latin hip hop.

I mostly listen to Metal, however, I also listen to a lot of Hip Hop (the underground type, not mainstream), but also some Rock, Alternative, Indie Pop, Jazz, and some artists I don't know which style to attribute to. I don't particularly like EDM, but I don't really give a shit if people like that style. That's your preference in music. And if some Metalheads are being dicks about it, well, then they're just dicks. I think it's also the fact that they are ignorant of the style. They might have heard some EDM tracks here and there and dismissed the whole style as shit. Kind of like guy above me who dismissed all of Hip Hop and Pop as crap. 

I started off listening to techno at like 8, and moved on to other kinds of edm later on, I recently found out in the last year that I also like melodic death metal and most rock. I think its just a matter of personal choice. I had a friend who really like glam rock, and said that electro dance music was killing the music industry and that it "wasnt real music" I think people like that just need to be sat down in front of a keyboard and told to make and edm song. but apart from her, every other rock or metal person ive talked to has liked or not complained about electro dance music.

I listen to every kind of music except Gangster Rap. Mostly metal, hard rock, country and metal. Always funny to see how many times a County song can contradict itself or completely get a saying or concept wrong... Then on occasion one of the songs is good. Not so much any style of music is killing "real music", it's more like record companies re-using what works, rushing songs that arn't refined out for profit and hyping and sensationalizing everything to increase sales is whats harming music the most.

I have gone through many phases and I can't put my music taste on any genre, because I listen to practically everything, although majority is metal. I don't believe that any genre has "killed the music", because music is music, regardless if it's bad to my ears (yes, taste in music is an opinion - everyone can have their own) or not. I think what "kills" the music is that there is a giant preference for mainstream pop, which gets extremely glorified by media and such artists become idols for teens and other easily influenced people.

Imho, there is no bad music, but there is music I don't enjoy.




Hey Tek Syndicate, I am a DJ. So what this entails is I go on stage and chop and mix tracks in according to the taste of the crowd. Recently Pop music has started sturring to the likes of EDM and good ol' Dance music and because of this it has given recent Dance/ EDM artist an overlook making people think that it is all just overplayed crap. Not to say some modern EDM is,  for instance Alexandra Stan would be. But for people like Daft Punk, Laidback Luke, Excision, Rouge, Tristam DJ Tiesto and Arman Van Buren (who are all well respected DJs), who have had to work countless hours creating songs worthy of being played all across the work.

I don't mean to sound like an electronic fan-boy who will stick up for everything that I hear with a fast beat, and in reality I have grown up in a metalcentric family. To this day I still remember getting one of my first Tool Cd's when I was 10 and loving every song on it. All I mean to say is that I personally feel that todays music listeners are too quick to judge an extremely old genre of music just because of recent Pop trends instead I hope all of you shall go out and listen to some quality Chicago House and understand what Electronic music has in store.


I grew up listening to Rock music for the majority of my life, but nowadays I mostly listen to EDM. I also listen to Rap music (artists like Wax, and Watsky), and have recently grown an interest in Metal.

I was actually an edm producer and then later in a metal band. I don't get why people are usually one or the other. I love Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Petrucci, Buckethead, Uli Jon Roth, Steve Vai; Actually opened for All that Remains, Full Blown Chaos, and Shadows Fall. But still love my Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Squarepusher.

If we do not broaden our horizons I feel that metal will become the same monotonous drivel that mainstream pop is. This does not that mean we must make a conscious effort to combine music from other genres, but give notice that there are many different genres and sub genres of music in the world right now. The bickering between metalheads and others not only makes us look like troglodytes but sheds a bad light on the whole category. Many think that screamo and progressive metals are the same. Trying to correct their view on metal after bellowing in their face about how hip hop or EDM isn't music, will not help your case at all.

Problem is, EDM covers a wider range of genres, by my understanding. Some of it has artistic merit from a certain view point, and other parts don't. I tend to like trance for the melodies and so on. But, I hate techno/liquid drum and bass and the like because of the repetition. I do get surprised by EDM every once in a while, it can be the right thing for how you're feeling at that time.

I would maintain that some EDM artists need a good boink on the head with a music theory book - just to stay true to my metal elitist roots.

Techno Band that started as heavy metal musicians:



There should be no theory behind music, music is art, art is not science. I know what you're saying though, I studied music for 8 years. But in the end you can really throw it all out if you want progress.

I know it's wikipedia :P but check this out:

I truly love all forms of music. And that includes GANGSTER RAP! LOL. I love everything from The Cranberries, to Rainbow, Blink 182, Weezer, Led Zep, Mamas and the Papas, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Tchaicovsky, Black Sabbath, Cream, Ace of Bass, Benny Benassi, Deep Purple, Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins, Dolly Parton, The Beatles, Jewel, Beastie Boys, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Tupac, Snoop, Our Lady Peace, K.D. Lang... Yah, Like I said, I love a wide variety. 

Also, I'm gay. So it's funny when people hear that I like things like early 'Dio' and Deep Purple... Well, that and then I start spittin Lil Wayne. :-P