Antergos Linux announces the end of the distro

Citing a lack of time among developers, the Antergos Linux project has announced the end of the project.

The forum and wiki are expected to remain up for approximately 3 months.

Antergos users should begin shifting to other distros will be shifted to Arch through a future update.

Edit: Clarified what Antergos users should expect.

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not surprised though.

not surprised though

Derivative distributions, with the exception of Ubuntu, tend not to last very long. Also not surprised.

They had a pretty solid community though, and Antergos was a nice way to have an Arch-based Live session to play with.

The Cnchi Installer was novel. I liked some of the things they did with it.

It was wonderful.

Miles ahead of the Manjaro one.


Just to be sure. :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s a shame.

Hopefully anarchy will step up and take in the refugees.

For those who dont want to reinstall, dont panic. just uninstall numix and the antergos keyring and you literally have stock arch.


just uninstall numix and the antergos keyring and you literally have stock arch.

Gotta remove the Antergos repos as well, but I’ve done several Antergos->Arch jumps without issues.

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ah yeah true. Forget pacman errors instead of warns at inactive repos.

There’s more than just numix and antergos keyring.

It’s not so much that any package replacements are difficult, but that it all adds up.

it’s a lot easier than a reinstall though, which was my point

Not exactly.

A Fedora install, which is the correct procedure, is super easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Later today I might write up a complete guide. Maybe throw it on the Wiki, too.

It’s not hard, but it’s not easy, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a much more… dangerous… task of correcting GRUB, which always displays the Antergos boot options.

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That’s easy.

fixing lsb_release stuff and editing the antergos customization. It’s just about knowing where to find the vars.

The only problem with that option is that, in the end, you’ve got Fedora. :rofl:

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I like centos/rhel as much as the next guy but people pick their poison for good reasons.

You dont try to rehab an alcoholic by handing him fentanyl

Oh, you little!


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please do write one, it’ll help the less experienced people transition.

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Hey, it seemed to work for Motley Crue.

oh btw in case you were wondering, ubuntu is jenkem in that analogy

In the post it sounds like they plan on transitioning everyone to Arch via “updates”.