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Antec P280 Spare parts

Does anyone know of a place that sells parts for a p280? More specifically the from usb ports. Mine have wonderfully stopped working (thanks to my son haha) and I can't seem to find where to get new ones. I called a 800 number from their website but no one answered. I also live in Canada if that makes a difference.

Thank you!

What exactly do you need? Is it some proprietary plastic part that only fits the p280?

The usb connectors on the front I/O where the audio jacks are, there are 2 usb 2.0 and 2 usb 3.0 sockets that no longer work. The plastic they are in isn't broken. I had stuff plugged in that got hit and caused damaged inside the socket. Is it possible to just buy new connections that connects to the mobo?

Yeah definitely, but it can be difficult to find the identical hardware for sale, I wouldn't know where to recommend to look. You'll likely be best off with a new generic usb header that lives in at the back of your system, but plugs into the motherboard where the old busted one did. It'll screw into where your pci cards are. Then either live with the ports at the back, or run an extension to the front. A local computer shop should have some, or you could do some googling and find the right one.

By chance do you guys know about getting replacements for the hard drive mounts? The screws and the rubber grommets to dampen hard drive vibrations.

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