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“30 minutes or it’s free? Excellent!”

Also, that HDMI port is for VR headsets and cards like this Gigabyte one with internal HDMI ports:

Unfortunately, the lack of a reset button is bad for people troubleshooting. The LED button is kind of unnecessary.

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~2:16 yeap this led button seems hackable. Just get a connector from another case and make the connection with a soldering iron. Or solder it straight to the MB ( not recommended if you want to change the MB ). Unless there is some more electronics to it than just a simple switch on a board because to me it seems like it is just a simple switch.

~8:23 - “Slams the dust cover on and a large puff of dist goes up…” . Ahahah. Are the dust filters doing such a bad job or is this because the case was running open. I noticed a lot of dust inside. I get that the studio is dirty due to the renovation, but jesus christ, they are supposed to keep that stuff out.

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There are limits to how a dust filter works you know… It’s not a magical barrier.

I think normal people put exhaust in the top which means you shouldn’t have too much dust on it. I mean other than dust that settles on it from outside I guess.

The LED-button is BS, put nothing a soldering iron could not fix.
The lack of direct front intake is just sad (approaching Enso levels of bad).
Plastic pieces to align the front with the rest is a sign of cheaping out on tooling. Not too good of a sign.

As for the video:
Arround the 7 minute mark:
“To get to know a case, you have to build in it” expects report on how smooth the build went
"We put component X, Y and Z here…" Confused
At arround 8:00 then gets back to the case. Feels like there is a take in there that should have been removed.
A bit more structure to the video would have been nice. Case first, then the GPU and the 8700k last. Would have also helped to avoid repetition.

Really appreciate all the insights you share here, very refreshing thanks Wendell.

now that you said that what if there’s a electromagnetic field around the filter … hmmm

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Another fashion over function case. Too bad. Antec used to be the king IMO. Antec Nine Hundred is a classic.

Antec’s High Current Platinum is pretty much the only Delta Electronics PSU available on the consumer market, but as demand diminished, they only kept selling the 1000W unit and the 750W and 850W versions got discontinued.

That GPU looks good, case less so. Expensive case with lots of fabulous plastic (tabs? come on). Air-flow strawed with no sound dampening at all, what is the point? To mount radiators in top or front is obviously not well though out. No, this case is a another dud from Antec. Shame, they used to make decent cases.

Not sure how electromagnetism is supposed to help here, but a force field would be nice as well :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but I am not sure how much air a force field can pass :smiley:

I meant to say that the field to be static charged ( not sure how to say it in English but to be charged with static electricity) but to not do this every time over and over by hand to be used electric field to reduce the amount of electrons in the filters.