Antec Kuhler 620 weirdness!

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I just bought a fan at Best Buy just to throw in my computer to do dual fans on the 620. First problem was my motherboard only has two headers, so i got a 4 pin pwm fan splitter. Come to find out the fan header for the antec kuhler is 3 pin, which i didn't think would be a problem. 

What happened was if i used the pwm fan splitter on the cpu header hooked up to the 4 pin rocketfish fan and the stock antec fan, they would blow at max all the time, they were kinda loud, but not too bad. So i thought i would have great temps. When i look at core temp though it says i would idle at stock clock at 65, and approached 100 underload, once i saw it climb into the 90's i would just shut the computer off though. I thought that very scary.

What i have done now is hook the splitter to the chasis fan header and the 200mm intake and the rocketfish push fan. I returned to the stock config for the cpu fan header and stock antec fan. And now under full load i don't hit 60, right at 58. 

Was i hurting my cpu? Was there a fluke with core temps? I reseated my cooler for one of these hot tests, does the pwm fan mess with the way core temp reads, or the way my temps actually were??? I am very confused. 

I feel confident i fixed it as before this while in stock config my temps underload were in the 60's to low 70's. But  why would this happen???


Are you talking about fahrenheit or celcius?

Did you even put thermal paste on it? Did you mount it correct? Also, it's better to run 2 identical fans in push/pull or it ends up getting a little funky on the airflow.

My temps default to Centigrade, I thought most did. I put a rice size spot of grease on the cpu and found that the standard grease that came with the cooler pre applied was really caked on by comparison.

Yes, i completely took out the motherboard and seated the cooler out of the case to make sure they were tightening down properly as i have heard people having problems with this shitty backplate from Antec. The mounting screws were tightened snug. I would love to use the same fans, but when i used the two case fans, i got these crazy temps as well, but they were configured with the splitter on the cpu header and not the case fan header as they are now. 


What i am really wondering is if the pwm fan splitter effects the core temp readouts because that is when i saw these problems. 

Also i used the stock antec fan as the pull exhaust on the back of the case as the install instructions recommend. The rocketfish push inside the case even so has decreased temps significantly. I will likely get some noctua's or some such good fans to use for father's day or some such nonsense. But that 200mm does push alot of air, i think the second fan has helped beyond it's weight just to continue that air flow through the radiator.

I am trying to find the optimal cooling solution for my build, any assistance would be appreciated. I am aiming for a high stable overclock like 4.5 and up. I could get a h100 or some such larger cooler but i don't think i could control all the fans i would want to put on it, thats why i am using this cooler. Also it was on sale for 35 dollars one day, so i snatched that bitch, and it has worked great beyond this little snaffu. 

I understand your skepticism as this is my first post, but i came for answers. 


Someone is going to learn something today. 


The three pin powers the pump, so likely my pump wasn't working but my fans were blowing at full blast, but with no coolent was flowing through the radiator, that would explain the wierd temps i believe. 



I was kind of assuming that you knew that.