Antec GX 700

Any thoughts on the Antec GX 700 mid tower case? I'm looking into buying one for my build. I love the features. Dual top mounted 140mm fans, rear mounted 120mm fan, USB 3.0, fan speed adjuster, militaryish look, good cable management.

I have always thought it was kind of a cool looking case for such a cheap price it reminds me of a smaller cheaper corsair c70.  I would say for $50 it looks like a good case to me.   I am kind of a Fractal Design fanboy I would personally buy a ARC Midi R2 on newegg for $64 but that is a kind of plain looking case compared the the GX700 but its got a window.

Mainly why I'm asking is because I've heard mixed opinions on the case. I'm going to be putting a Hyper 212 EVO and I've heard that it might not fit. I do like Fractal Design cases as well but I like this better because it has a military theme. If I could afford it, I'd buy the Corasir C70 Green.

Why not get the fractal and do a custom paint job on it?

Eh, I don't know. I just think the GX 700 is cooler.

Go for it. If you don't have the funds for c70, The GX 700 probably it the next best thing when it comes to the army colour sceme.

Well I'm not really buying it for the paint, just for the features and for a well reviewed case that is sub $60 for good cable management, airflow, and military theme.

I have it, and i do not recommend it, there is not much space for cables behind the motherboard tray, the fans are quite loud and doesnt move much air. and if you have a long gpu it wont fit.

At first i tought it looked cool, but after having it on m desk for a few months i'm starting to disslike it more and more. (but thats just personal opinion)

But after all it's quite cheap and i't comes with 3 fans and fan controller and dust filters for front intake and psu. However the corsair c70 is way better, if i where you i would save some more money and buy it instead.



Hey thanks for the input. I guess I'll stay away from the Antec. My second choice was either going to be the Corsair 200R or the 300R. Both very highly reviewed cases. If it can fit it into my budget, I'll get the C70 instead.

ARC Midi R2

Lol. Acutaly I put a Define R4 w/ window Black Pearl in my build since I could fit it with the recent drop in price of my Asus 7950. Hopefully it stays that way until after I order my parts. 

I really like the sleekness and style of the Define R4 so I think that's my case of choice. Plus it comes with a surplus of fans... and it looks sexy as hell. I think you've made me love Fractal Design. :D