Antec DF-85 stock case fans

This is my current case:

All of the fans are 3 pin connectors with manual controls on the fan itself (the front fans have a little knob to twist and the top/rear fans have a switch for hi/low). I know that many boards support both PWM and voltage controls for fans, but are they able to control fans that have manual controls on them?

Granted I could simply control my fans manually but I would very much like to utilize fan controls as opposed to have them running at a constant speed even when Unnecessary.

Please and thank you for any insight!

THe Asus fan expert program that is bundled with their boards can regulate both 3pin and 4pin fans. The tek had a video a little while ago detailing the program. So in theory I think that if you were to place the fans on 'high' (12v) then run the fan 3pin cable to the board it may work.