Antec 300 Mod

I'm just about done with my Mod on my Antec 300, all the major pieces are done. I'm still going to order two front 120mm fans, LED lit, if anyone has a suggestion for a color fire away. I also still need to order these PCI brackets:

Here is the inside before mods:

My computer during work:

Everything out laying out cable holes:

Primed and Cable holes finished:

Layout for Window:

Window hole cut-out:

Chassis Painted:

Cables routed through the back:

Inside of case after work:

Outside of case after work:

Dude yo need to get some uchannel or something around those sharp edges! Watch some tjharlow vids, then you understand. :]

yah, careful u dont get ur fingers or cables cut. maybe file them down if u got no u channel

What about your front panel connectors?

Hmm, thinking of it I wanna cut some holes in my 900 aswell.. Might get to do it when I get home.. Then repaint the whole thing

Nice work! I may mod my Antec 300, but I'll probably wait for awhile to do that. I just pretty much got this PC built. So yeah, I'll probably just do this some other time, but good job nonetheless!

Funny, we have the same HIS 4870 AND case. I cut holes on the 300 that I won from Bill, but I haven't painted it because I don't have all the money to spend on extra modding atm.No uchannel trim yet.. Gonna have to get some from Bill soon. Though, the electrical tape is doing it's job, just doesn't look as nice.

Rrrr, making me all casemodding horny... Need..To...Cut..Some... 900..


No CM on the 300 and I'm sorry to say bro it looks better IMO. You realllly need U- channel.

You need to take some workshop classes.

Real talk.

I'm getting some.

I'm getting some U-Channel.

rice... sick case, but that white drive...change it to black

Sorry if this is a noob-esque queston, whats CM?

Or do you just mean you like the 300 without any casemods?

Cool mod man, i might do somthing similar to what green has done to my Antec 900!!!

No cable management.

ARGGG...I need to cut holes in mine but I have literally NOTHING to do it...

Nobody can mod if I can't!

comment deleted

damn im stupid...