Another use for multiple cores by AMD

Hey hi people. This post is for an idea that I had and, for useing more cores in amd fx 8350. Now here's what I'm saying, the ps4 and ps vita when paired together are a GREAT combo. Cause the ps4 can stream all of its games to the ps vita which is awesome and a big plus point for it. Now the pc can also stream games to any basic standard 70 to 100$ android device, or any phone. I too have been playing with kainy, splashtop and all. And it works awesome. I mean my athlon 64 x2 4000+ of course can't handle new games ofcourse,  but an fx 8350 can stream all the available titles nowadays. I mean all the cores are just idling away. So yeah this is it, thats all. So in brief, all the fx 8350 owners, if u have a phone, which of course u will,  ideal like everyone has one, hers another great use for all those cores. Happy gaming. And yeah this will work on all i7 s and maybe a few i5 s but i7 use multithreading,  and from what Im hearing, i don't think that would increase performance.  Happy gaming all.

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An i5 would be great for streaming games, and you'd get higher frames than with an 8350...