Another Reason I Hate Miami

Miami really is one of the worst places in America. The entire culture seems to shun intelligence... The corruption is out of hand as well. 

Speaking of corruption, Albert posted this on his facebook page... So, I thought I'd take a minute to rant about it. Between the years of 2006 and 2007 Miami-Dace County purchased around 300 vehicles (mostly hybrids). They then stored them and forgot about them. WTF? How stupid do you have to be to forget that you just purchased 300 cars? How wasteful do you have to be? I don't even... 

I'll save the rest of this rant for The Tek. Maybe I should just start doing a segment about how stupid FL is... or maybe I'll get over my hatred of the state and move on with my life... not yet, damnit. I'm not finished hating them.

stuff like this is one of the reasons why this countries in debt..wasteful spending.


But were they the luxury models? thats clearly the real question, and yes my head hurts from thinking about this.

I'm wondering why you went back.