Another RAM thread

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OT: Can't decide which brand/model to choose. Looking for 2x 8GB DDR3 sticks of 1600 MHz, CL9, 1.5V.

Corsair Vengeance or Dominator Platinum?

Crucial Ballistix (NO TRACER!) ?

Kingston HyperX (PnP?)

I honestly don't care about the price. I want the best and most stable, so if DomPlat has proven to be the best, then let it be. If DomPlat is a waste of money and only meant for crazy overclocking, I'd gladly go with another brand/model.

Motherboard is an ASUS P8H77-I with an Intel Pentium G860. Will upgrade to an i5-3570. No overclocking.


Mushkin Blackline has proven to be very reliable, but if you really want reliable ram, get some ecc ram.

Also, the Dominator Platinum is pretty new, so it hasnt really been provben yet. Vengeance has been around for longer, and i havent really seen any fail reports anywhere.

Mushkin is not available in my country, and from what I hear, Mushkin is the budget builders lovely overclocking RAM. I personally don't know since I've never tried them.

I really dislike Corsair Vengeance due to the cheap/plastic "heatspreader". I'm fine with Dominator, but Vengeance not so fine really. I'd like to try Kingston or Crucial but I don't know which model I should go for.

My motherboard does not support ECC-reg memory, otherwise I'd go that way ;)

I'm thinking... Kingston HyperX Predator KHX18C9T2K2/16X

2x 8GB DDR3, 1866MHz, CL 9-10-9, 1.5V, nice big heat spreader.

ASUS recommends 1866MHz modules or above, so uhm. Why not? Just need the i5-3570 to unlock the memory speeds.

Kingston, Mushkin, Gskill, Corsair, Crucial. All good ram. If they are rated for the speed you are looking for, then they will do it. Better off saving some money, it wont cause instability (unless it needs to be RMA'd, in which case all brands have this problem).

"The Best" is a matter of opinion, for ballerness Dominator Platniums are "the best"

Also, unless you are doing rendering, or ram intensive tasks, the speed (when gaming) doesnt really matter at all with intel chips. 1600mhz will give you the same usuable speed as 1866mhz.

I like the Kingston Predator memory. They have two profiles:

Profile 1: 1866MHz, 9-10-9, 1.5V

Profile 2: 1600MHz, 9-9-9, 1.5V

Since I'm not going to overclock, this looks like a great solution. And the price is right.

The modules are T2 and not T1. Does it make any difference? From what I found out, T1 gives you a higher bandwidth (two modules), but T2 runs better if you have four or more modules. But the real-world performance difference should be minimal.