Another Origin code Giveaway

This is a first come first serve deal, just private message me through my profile and I'll reply back with your game key.

Dead Space- steam(taken)/origin game key

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box- taken    

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition- taken

Medal of Honor- taken

Mirror's Edge- origin game key

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3- taken

Also, I plan on doing another givaway like what I did with Blood Dragon for an upcoming triple-A game. However, I can't really think of any good questions to ask, so I would appreciate it if you could throw in a couple of good video game related questions.


hi there can i have the Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box- origin game key
ORIGIN IGN : Katxande360PT

I just replied back to your email with the key in it.

very ty :)


Dead Space on steam if yyou have it please or crysis 2 PLEASEEEEE

Sorry, but an anonymous person snagged the dead space steam code earlier today. Private message me and I'll reply back with your Crysis 2 Origin code. 

i am unable to send a pm through the site :( could i add you on origin possibly

oh yeah thanks for the dead space key really helped me out also my suggestion for a game releated question is ( If you could change the story on one of your favorite games how would you and why?)

Another one (if you could be a character in a game, what you wanted? and why?)


Thank you for those questions, I really appreciate it.

Also, i'll be going to bed soon. (it's almost 7 a.m here in ohio)

Don't worry i'll reply back with your codes as soon as I wake up. 

hey Futurestep .. can i have Mirror's Edge origin  :)