Another midbuild problem

3 questions.

the cpu power connector on the motherboard has 4 pins.  I'm not seeing a cable with 4 pins.  There's an 8 pin CPU cable.  how do I make sure the right pins go in?

also, one of my fan ports has 4 prongs.  the other port has 3 and both of the cables have three.  is that okay?  and since I have only two fan ports on my motherboard does that mean I can only have 2 fans in the case?

What motherboard and CPU did you get? Usually the PSU has a split 4 + 4 ATX power pins for those occasions. 

You need to look in your manual to see about the PWM fan pins. One should be labeled as the CPU fan for the heatsink and the others are for the chassis fans. The chassis fans don't need the four pins and can use the three pin PWM connectors safely. The downside is that the 3-pin PWM fans aren't able to be controlled digitally and can only be controlled by lowering the amount of power going to it which isn't a big deal. 

CPU is a G2120.  motherboard is a CSM-B75MA-P45.  the PSU doesn't have a 4+4.  Just an 8.

thanks for the info on the fans.  I looked at the CPU cable and there is only one way the 8 could be plugged into the 4 so thats how I did it...