ANOTHER Intel vulnerability... SWAPGS

That logic is terrible, but it works.

I wonder if VIA is effected by any of these exploits that are effecting Intel and AMD.

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Who has audted Itanium however :slight_smile: It could have NSA code and we will never know.

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I think they’re safe from most of them, there may be some that affect them though. I really really dont know.

implying that x86 DOESNT have NSA code

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With HUAWEI and the US calling out china. One would imagine if this progress’s on public media to higher levels we will find out :slight_smile: Well us Aussies that are outside the great US wall :slight_smile:

Is there a table of confirmed/assumed vulnerable CPUs?

Well, might have closed the Gap or not. The Problem with Bulldozer is that its heavily reliant on software optimization for the Architecture (wich makes it a shame that it isn’t in a console)…

Regardless, the Intel vulnerabilitys are really “interesting”…
Why are people still considering the Intel Chips despite all the problems they have?? :expressionless:
I don’t get it…

öhm, no. In 2005 HTT was on the way out and already had a couple of implementations with the 65nm Pentium 4 (Cedar Mill, that one I had to look up).
It was first implemented in the Northwood based cores, but ont enabled on Desktop variants (IIRC the S603 Xeons with B-Step Northwoodish Core had some performance problems).
The first issues were fixed with the C-Step Northwoods.
Later, C-Step Northwoods had, in some cases, SMT enabled on the Desktop -> Pentium 4B, 3,06GHz with 133MHz FSB. The later Pentium 4 with 200MHz FSB had SMT enabled in General.

The later, 90nm redesign of the Pentium 4 (that failed miserabely as it increased the Power consumption). But it wasn’t a shrink and more comparable to Zen -> Zen2 than other things. Just with regressed performance…

Anyway, I’d say that by around 2005, a year before the C2D, they already had some good experience with SMT. I’m not sure if the old Willamette had SMT as well. I think they might have had as well…

PS: I had the System Linus dreamt of muhahahah
A 3,06GHz Intel P4 on an ASUS P4T and IIRC 1GiB RAM!!1