Another Intel Price drop?

So apparently Intel is going to do another price drop of CPUs which might potentially extend more broadly across their product line? I think it was a price drop for their Xeons?

Is this likely to happen? If so, it’d be great if they dropped prices on older Coffee Lake CPUs. I’d definitely consider grabbing an 8700K to get a major boost over my i5 6500.

AFAIK it is only their older 7000 series X299 parts that are getting the cut. Nothing else

If you’re going to be changing platforms why not just get an R5 3600/R5 3700X? Less than the 8700K and same/better?

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The absolute best display I am looking to get is G-Sync unfortunately… And I’m probably gonna get shit for this, but I don’t blame people. I have a serious issue. I’m just too OCD and don’t want AMD with Nvidia graphics. If i’m to get an AMD CPU i’d really LIKE an AMD GPU. Oh, and not to mention i’d have to buy Windows 10. So it would end up the same, or more expensive?

Intel cut prices somewhat on sky lake x

Lower end skus got better price cuts

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Yeah you’re gonna get shit because it is dumb af lol but you do you.

Mildly unrelated: I don’t get how Intel and nVidia are somehow this perfect pair as so many claim. nVidia always historically worked much closer with AMD anyway. They built the AMD chipsets. Nothing is more correct about it. It is still mismatched. If your OCD is that bad then you should just wait and get an Intel GPU too in 2020-2021

wat. How does buying windows relate to going AMD or Intel

Doesn’t it? I was on retail Windows 7. Then I upgraded. And from my understanding, you can swap motherboards and CPUs without reinstalling windows so long as you’re on the same platform? Going from Intel to Intel. If I go AMD, i’m going to have to reinstall. And I don’t own Windows 10. I just got the free upgrade. Make sense now?


Yes. You do. Your 7 license became a 10 license. You own the software.

A) It isn’t the same platform. You’re going from Z170/270 to 370/390. A reinstall would be highly recommended regardless.
B) Even if you didn’t reinstall it is highly likely Windows would deactivate your account because you changed motherboards. Even going to Intel. You would need to reactivate it. Which is no big deal and takes about 10 min on the phone if the automatic tool doesn’t work. Which at that point it doesn’t matter if you are reactivating it on AMD or Intel. So long as you have the key they’ll reactivate it regardless. I’ve done it tons of times. Even from OEM copies of Windows on prebuilts.


I think this is a response to their failing market share due to their CPU shortages. Not that they are in any danger, they are still in the high 80%s but they are starting to really feel the hurt from not being able to ramp that 10nm production for what 5 years now? They have actually brought more 14nm back online it is that bad and are working on 7nm to just plain dump 10 and forget about it.

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Well I don’t have installation media. And tbh I won’t even pretend to know how it works because I think i’ve installed windows a total of 3 times in my life.

So how would I go about getting Windows 10 installed again on an AMD platform?

You create it with the tool on Microsofts website and a USB thumb drive. It is an incredibly easy wizard.


You just plug in your drive, go to recovery settings and do a clean install of Windows from within Windows. No media required.

Like I said you should reinstall whether you stay Intel or go AMD. It is highly recommended. You can make media or reset Windows internally. Eitherway it isn’t difficult and you’re gonna need to reactivate regardless.

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Errm, details? Do tell. Sounds sketchy and risky. Because if anything goes wrong, I feel like i’m going to have to purchase Windows 10 regardless. I remember when I tried “reverting” back to Windows 7. I had to reinstall 7 after that. Complete shite. It didn’t work for some reason.

Oh yeah, and I noticed there’s no Ryzen 3700? Just the 3700X? Why is that?

Homie it isn’t risky or sketchy… It is built in functionality of WIndows to fix problems. You’re so worried about having to rebuy your license. You do realize NO MATTER WHAT PLATFORM you use changing your motherboard will likely invalidate your Windows license. You WILL NEED to reactivate it regardless of your platform or whether you reinstall or not. Which you likely should do no matter if you stick with Intel or not.

Prob because you admitted in this thread you really don’t know much about Windows. (Also Windows 7 is kinda trash on modern hardware and often is broken) Which is fine but making assumptions about stuff you admitted you don’t know much about is silly. You’re being obstinate for no obvious reason.

I can walk you through everything. There are also tons of tutorials online. So long as you have your Windows Key you will not need to rebuy.

Generally the non X part is 65W but AMD decided to make the 3700X the 65W part and the 3800X the 105W. No one really knows beyond AMD marketing lol and they likely don’t know either as AMD marketing is staffed by morons. I should know I worked there briefly lol

Which btw full disclosure. I work for Intel now in marketing and I’m literally telling you to go AMD. That should say something


Ok, ok… I might not have been clear enough. So you go into this recovery mode WHEN? When i’ve put together my new Ryzen system? Salvaged my RAM and all other drives I have. I put in my OS SSD and boot up windows and do this from Windows? Unless i’m misunderstanding. How the PHUCK does my system even boot when swapping motherboard/CPU? So ALL IS WELL if I swap mobo and CPU? Windows CAN still boot up? WHAT?! Unless again, i’m misunderstanding? I got the impression that you’re going to break things BIG-TIME by swapping parts and using your same OS drive. At least with other CPUs (AMD/Intel). I’m so confused…


Well, to be fair. It was literally retard-proof. They made it clear, all you have to do is initiate the “revert” function which is literally just a button. So long as you’ve installed Windows 10 within the past 30 days. It was less than a day or so. Aaaaaannnnd. My system couldn’t boot anymore. So idk? Mystery. I plugged it into an old system and formatted the drive.

Yeah you’re entirely wrong on all of that.

That is where you went wrong. Assumptions and impressions.

Yes, you do it after you build your new system. You plug your OS drive in and boot off it. Then go to Recovery from within Windows and click Refresh/Reset your PC which will allow you to keep your files and reinstall or wipe them and reinstall.

Yes, Windows will boot fine even when swapping CPUs. Windows 10 is pretty good like that. So long as it is X86 and all the files are where they should be (which they would) then Windows will generally boot with no issues. Even swapping between platforms.

Intel vs AMD isn’t that different… They are X86. They mostly use the same instructions. Windows generally talks to them in the same way. This isn’t like crossing the streams… They are just CPUs lol.

and again even if you did somehow break it beyond booting just format and reinstall with the media you created beforehand on a USB drive. Again so long as you have your Windows key you’ll be able to reactivate.

Ok. So a while ago I used ShowkeyPlus. It has my

Product ID:
Installed Key:

So I would use my Installed key? And yeah, I don’t have a 30+GB USB flash drive to create install media from. I have an old 4GB drive. That’s it.

Yup the installed key. Also it helps to link it with a Microsoft account from within Windows.

It requires an 8GB drive. Not a 30GB one man… Seriously stop with the assumptions and snarky know it all attitude. I am trying to help you. I seriously doubt you only have one 4GB drive but if you do just go buy a new one. They are like $5… You should have one anyway they are useful. Hell you can even use optical media if you have a DVD burner lol

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:rofl: Yeah and the help is much appreciated. Sheesh. Where did I come off snarky? I’m pissed because i’ve been told these things left, right and centre about OSes. And i’ve apparently been hearing BS all this time, so it’s all coming as a shock to me.

Yes and technically if the said license is oem,
you have to re-buy a license basically.
If your license is retail, then you can re-activate again,
But you have to deactivate first.

Ok, well i’ve been spoon-fed poisonous BS then. And @DerKrieger I really appreciate all the help, I didn’t mean to offend, I know it can be sometimes near impossible when typing, but i’m only a smartass in person, I swear.

I didn’t know you could just pop in a new mobo/CPU and just go ahead and boot from your already-installed Windows drive from another platform. I did NOT know that, and I got the impression it was a huge no-no. So I guess i’m off to buy a 16 GB USB drive, or see if I can find one with enough capacity, I have a couple laying around. And I reckon it doesn’t matter if it’s USB 2.0? It doesn’t need a whole lot of speed? I’ll create a bootable drive from it and have it at the ready.

Well you technically could, but the activation will be gone then.
Sometimes even with a oem license you could try to reactivate by phone.
And tell them that your mobo has failed.
Sometimes when they are well willing enough they might,
give you a new activation.

Still booting an existing windows install in an entire new platform,
especially when you switch platforms from like intel to amd,
is never really recommended.
Simply because driver differences etc.
This could result from random weird issues, bsods or not able to boot at all…

If you stick to a same platform and chipset family, but just replace a fried mobo.
it generally will be less of an issue.
Because most controllers on motherboards from the same chipset family are randomly used.

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