Another free game, this time on gog

Another free game, this time on gog.

The game is Cayne, Windows + Mac + Linux


thanks for the info.

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Anyone here actually play it already?

I tend to collect the free games, and not play them.


It's a point and click adventure in an isometric perspective, not overly complicated mechanics like you would get like on old school Fallout/Diablo.

The main character annoys me. At one point she is dropping f-bombs, and making abortion jokes, and the next she is saying heck and fudgesickles. Like why the change in personality. They need to pick one and stick with it.

I doubt there are a lot of people, who actually played all their free games. I mean I still collect free and cheap as games I have played in the past and now I am paying for the pleasure, so 19 out of 20 games I own have less than a couples hours gamelay...