Another Computer Build. Please Check

Hey guys, building a computer for a friend. He is limited to around $600 so I whiped this up for him  If there is anything you would change/completly redo, please feel free to through it out for me. Thank you very much!

Just about everything except the motherboard, depending on the needs. If your friend does some editing, then I would just invest some 1866 RAM. The rest seems solid.

If it's strictly gaming, I'd drop the CPU to an FX-4300, or FX-6300, get some 1600 RAM, get a decent 500w-600w power supply (that 450 looks iffy at best), and spring for a 7850 or 7870. Remember most games are GPU bound, and will run will on just about any modern quad-core, especially with a little OC.

The AMD FX 6300 goes from 3.5 to 4.1 GHz. I feel it is much better CPU. I realize the case comes with a power supply but I would sell it and get a SeaSonic 80+ Bronze Certified supply. The power supply is the heart of any system and you don’t need your system having an early heart attack. Here is some G.Skill Rip Jaw 1600 with free shipping for $3.00 less.

  If you are willing to go for an “open box” unit and spend $25.00 more you can get 3 times the motherboard with this one. Read up on it first before you make a decision.

The other choice is to pay full price @ $150.00 for the same board.

 Anyway, I hope I have given you some food for thought but always remember, quality generally does not come cheap. Best of luck and enjoy your build.

Thanks very much guys, that is exactly the info i needed.