Another AMD Rumor

Alright so I have another hot AMD GPU rumor for you guys.  Once again take this with a grain of salt, as it is a rumor.  Here is the article -

This looks like it could be the competition to the upcoming 960.  It appears that this chip would have better performance at least on the memory side of things with the new AMD chip having a 256bit bus.  What do you guys think?

2Gb is just not enough in the time when games are becoming increasingly VRAM hungry. These new cards aren't worth more than $200. And even that's a stretch.

I disagree, when playing far cry 4 on the highest settings with AA maxed, I am barley going over 2gb vram usage on my 7970 3gb.  You might not be able to have the highest AA, and you will be limited to 1080p, but that is what these cards are meant for.

that coupled with the 370 is rumored to be a less powerful card than the 7970 it's not going to ebeb have the ponies to use 2GB.

My r9-290 rarely hit 3GB modded skyrim at 1440p. Every other game get really close to 2GB

I seriously doubt this is true since AMD cannot do another refresh again and they released the R9 285 months ago. This would be stupid of them to refresh the 7870 again.