Anonymous - Exposes Mainstream Music Industry

For those who are in a way, forced to hear mainstream music in our everyday lives via people blasting music it car, going to our local supermarkets and hearing the terrible radio, maybe you have a friend that listens to that music. but one select few isn't going to take that B.S no more..


Anonymous decides to attack mainstream rapper "Kanye West". He's known for looking down on other artists specifically "Beck" which for the most part is a rock icon, disrespecting other artistries and other genres of music, and exploiting his wife, sexually to gain profit. He's also known for being incredibly arrogant, and having a Ego more massive than "VY Canis Majoris". which is the biggest known star in our lovely universe.

I'm going to try to bring the tech into this, he constantly compares himself to many known people, consistently the late "Steve Jobs" which I fart in his general direction for even trying to. cause he clearly doesn't know what the hell "Steve Jobs" really did. and i believe this is only the beginning..

SideNote: The Video is about 3 weeks old, but the video has gone viral as of today.
Thoughts on this?

I personally think it's funny, and he definitely deserves it and i hope it gets worse. and i hope it teaches people to be respectful and to let people know "Karma is very real".



That was entertaining. :)

It definitely was. Anonymous did something right in my book

that was pointless.

Agreed, but he has a huge influence in mainstream America, whether you like it or not. And sometimes it takes a group of people to tell someone, "You are nothing and you're accomplishments don't mean shit." especially to someone who is in denial or has a massive ego. This isn't really a tech article but I thought it was funny to see the bully finally get bullied.

Did they actually do something or did a random dude put up a rant on youtube? There's a difference.

The video has yet to be authenticated.

Nice fox news reporting.

im sure he gives a shit when he's balls deep in kim ontop a pile of money


I bet 10$ that black person won't respond to it.

I would agree, up to the last twenty seconds.

Seems they had a big announcement to make.

I laughed my ass off when I saw them pictures kanye, I do agree with anonymous, the world is going to shit, being poisoned by social media and what not. I'm sad to say that it's true, that girls are more likely to want to be sexually appealing than anything. I know that I probably sound wrong , I probably shouldn't have posted, but I just wanted to get my opinion on this


If girls wana take pics of their naked bodies and post them online for me to see then fine.

Why would Anonymous bother with something like this? Excuse my language but this video felt very much like a single person being "butthurt". I dunno. The music industry is an other case of vote with your money and people like Kanye West just shouldn't be taking serious in my opinion.

Edit: I do however agree with most points in the video. Iattaking just don't think Mr West is the key to solve some of the problems stated here.

The "Kanye" problem revolves around his potential and often manifested sphere of influence.

Influence being, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Rap music is a thing. Sure you might not like it, I sometimes don't, but negating the fact that it isn't popular solely based on our personal tastes and preferences would be dangerously callow behavior. Influence can be indirect, and an argument can be formed that it doesn't exist at all. I mean, how do we prove that a person has been influenced? Especially when that person is living in a very limited sphere of conscious existence, and they lack the skill or habit of self-reflection and meditation.

The character of Kanye West is a manifestation of the problems that the United States faces with racism, education, and wealth. When you want to think of what the system can do to a person, you can think of Kanye West. The only institution that didn't fail him was his mother, and that of his family. But even that in his eyes would be labeled imperfect, because it is full of pain.

No room for TMZ in my life