Annoying Windows 10 after waking up

So after my computer has been asleep, I will try to wake it up. There will be a picture of fish and it takes forever for my mouse to activate. So I will be sitting here like an asshole waiting a decent amount of time for my PC to fully wake up. Staring at whatever Microsoft wants me to look at.

My computer will restart faster than returning from sleep. I think the "easy" fix is just to set my computer so it never sleeps. However, is there another work around?

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Has been the same for me with every windows machine I ever used.
Best worst funny happening related to sleep and wakeup is my old desktop creating a second instance of the windows explorer. Leads to some funny bugs and glitches.
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I have not seen that personally but maybe you should try hibernation instead?

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Didn't even remember there is such thing as sleep & hibernation, I have no idea how that fish thing looks like and I can't find it from Google image search. #iStruggle

I find this topic interesting though and it weirds me tiny bit.. :balloon:

This sounds like your particular hardware doesn't like sleep. My machine in my bedroom does something similar.

Try disabling sleep, do a drive cleanup, and then shut down. Start it back up, and then enable sleep again. See if that fixes it.

This is what I have to do with mine every so often to get sleep to work properly again.

Or, perhaps it's your hard drive if you're using one. How fast is your hard drive? I know that 5400 RPM drives take a little longer to spin up and read. When you're computer goes to sleep, your hard drive has a tendency to spin down when it's not in constant use. Things like screen savers get shoved into ram so the hard drive can spin down and save lifetime. Maybe you're hard drive is being slow to respond and windows has to wait for it to respond.

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