Annoying Nose from HS50M Monitors

Hi everyone, I have this really annoying noise coming from my monitors when i use my Yamaha Monitors HS50M (ill attach a Recording below).

I use a USB interface (M-Audio FastTrack) to Play audio to the monitors and I have replaced the Cheap nasty cables that i previously used, in case they were picking up any noise due to the lack of shielding. Also it doesn't get louder when I change the volume on the USB interface, but when I turn the volume up at the back of the monitors it gets louder.

When I plug my headphones into the jack of the USB interface there is no noise coming through the headphones and the same with the on-board audio jack.  


Any ideas on how to resolve this annoying noise would be greatly appreciated. 


The Clip below is an M4A recording from my phone so the audio isn't that great but you get the idea. It is a clip of me starting FarCry4 and then shouting a few sniper bullets off so you get the idea of how loud it is.

Thanks ;-)


P.S. My profile has my PC spec if that is useful  

If you pipe the same output through a pair of headphones or whatnot and cannot hear the noise, it's likely a problem with the amp in the speakers themselves.

A couple other things you could try is to hook up some other devices to the speakers to see if the noise still exists. If so then you should see about contacting Yamaha about warranty fulfillment.

Hey, Managed to find the issue. it was noise coming over the usb port to the DAC that was causing the interference, I Purchased a USB DC Isolator from amazon did the trick