Annoying issue with Windows 10

I upgraded to Windows 10 a month or two ago, and ran into an annoying issue. Anytime that I'm playing a game in full screen mode and alt tab out, to say google chrome as an example. It will alt tab into a windowed version of the page (Where only about maybe 10 inches of the page is actually visible) and I have to manually maximize each time I alt tab from a game. It's not a huge deal, but it's a pointless inconvenience. Anyone run into this issue, or know of a fix? Never had this problem with 7.

TRy pressing Alt+Esc instead.

Nope, unfortunately that brought the same non-fullscreen results. Thanks though.

it sounds like the games arent running at native resolution?
running the game at a lower (or higher) resolution than what your desktop is at will cause things like that to happen

Tried running one at 1080, and another at a lower res. Both did it. Seems to be something to do with 10 and chrome not liking eachother. Or at least in my case. I didn't have this problem with 7 playing the same games. When I installed 10, I followed a youtube video to disable all the unwanted features of it that's the only thing I've done as far as setting changes that I could think of that could have even "maybe" done it.. but then again, I never tried anything before doing this to see if it was any different, since I did these changes the moment I switched to 10.

I had the same issue - however in my case I was running games at 1440p and my 'desktop' at 4k

What caused the issue for me was the display scaling built into windows. I solved it by running everything at 1440p and giving up on 4k entirely (I have a 28" monitor so 4k is no good without scaling). As soon as display scaling was off everything was fixed.