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[Announcement] Terraria Friday Event

Hey everyone! :wave:

Since Terraria just shipped their 1.4 update (new update after almost 3 years!) I have decided to get a server up and running for a gaming sesh this Friday, 5/22, starting at 18:00 EST (when I get off work).

Come join us:


cut from above:

I will make the connection details public around that time. Come by and chill with me in the L1T Discord if you’d like :smiley:

Looking forward to kicking the shit out of the Wall of Flesh.

Afterwards, I will probably make this a regular thing of hosting it all the time, but if there is significant interest in the harder modes we could spin up worlds for those. Possibilities.

Hey everyone.

The server info is available here

Come hop on discord with people while we set up: