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Anno 1800


Was on the fence and saw that the open beta was available. I’m done for… Send help.



I’m gonna buy it when it releases. And use a years worth of Holidays!



Me too :stuck_out_tongue:



I played for a couple of hours, walking my dog i was doing city planning and humming the game music.

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You realized they screwed that game up so bad it is not worth playing…

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Guess i don’t, feel free to elaborate though.

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I’ve got one of the Anno 2-something games. I think I’ve logged a grand total of 4 hours in it. Wasn’t impressed.

Have you played the earlier ones? Is more of the same with the newer one?

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Last one i played was 1404 which i liked a lot, never tried the futuristic ones. They didn’t appeal to me. Maybe try the open beta and see if you like this one.

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I have all the earlier ones, yes. 1800 is not completely terrible as they did revert to some of the older elements of the game play. I have very little appreciation for what has changed and the business model. Nice to see a better graphic representation but that is about it.

As always… form your own opinion.



I’ve mainly played 1404 and its one of the all time favorite games, however, the futuristic ones was really not my cup of tea. 1800 seems to be back on track and more comparable to 1404, but I’ll wait to the final release next week to form a real opinion…



Yep, not being jaded by the later ones helps. As for business practices if you’re referring to the whole Epic store exclusivity thing i couldn’t care less. Installing another launcher is trivial and more competition is good for us.

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I don’t know, it is kinda annoying that now a days you need to have both origin, epic and steam…

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Yeah well, what can you do. The same thing is happening with the streaming services. Sign of the times. First world problems.

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Fair enough on the jaded part…



Full release and launch… Still struggling with the settlers esq…

I did not like some of the variations they made to the earlier games but understand the need for it.

From what little I have played so far… I can enjoy some elements of it because it does harken back in ways to the originals. Grave concerns about the business model and whether the its worth the 70 to purchase. Which it is not to me. I think I can appreciate multiplayer aspect and if the pirates are more brutal and fun to fight :slight_smile:

We will see… Until release… I already have a list ills but this is beta. There are things that I like this time around.



I really want to like it… Anno is so much fun



I needed something to sink my teeth into since Civ V doesn’t like my RVII and well Civ VI… Let’s not go there…



For those who want to play before release, using a vpn and selecting Japan works.