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I’ve personally been to 3 different Hatsune Miku concerts. They were all great.

But I think what a lot of people who only know of the concerts don’t get about the whole Vocaloid phenomenon is how grassroots it really is. See Hatsuki Miku was originally nothing more than a piece of voice synthesis software making musical vocals. Because the Vocaloid software is based around phoneme sample of real people each version has a unique voice and Miku’s creators decided to market a character to go with that voice.

Nobody ever expected her to get as popular as she has. Nobody planned to do concerts and stuff from the start. But people really liked the software and started making songs and then sharing them online, and this was actually encouraged. Eventually somebody said hey, since this stuff is so popular why not put together a concert. But even in the concerts the vast majority of songs were written by ordinary users and used with their permission. Heck, even most of the costumes are based on fanart and stuff. So it’s really cool to see it all come together like that.


[Jealousy intensifies]


[WTF intensifies]


[anger intensifies]
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JK… mostly.


There are concerts with dead performers as holograms, so…


Two wrongs do not justify each other.


That’s not what I meant.
At least the Vocaloid concerts seem to be basically huge community projects.
Holographic 2Pac concerts are just cashing in on a dead guy’s fame.


Watching Little Witch Academia now, im really liking it, may have to renew my Netflix.


Don’t forget to watch “The Enchanted Parade” and the “movie”.


I think the movie was the first one I watched.


I’ve really slowed down on anime. Started Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, plus Tanya the Evil and Dragon Maid ages ago but haven’t watched any of those in a while. But oh well, figured it’s about time to get into this behemoth of a franchise (on episode 14 atm). I’ve always professed to liking mechs but haven’t watched nearly enough mecha (I think my interest mostly stemmed from Mechwarrior 3, but whatever). I watched the first season of Iron Blooded Orphans months and months ago and it was pretty damn good, but I figured it’d be better to start from the start. As it’s from the 70’s, I expected some cheesy-ness (but it actually wasn’t as cheesy as I thought it would be), but for the time the animation for the fights and combat is pretty cool and entertaining and how they portray the scale of the Mobile Suits, the overall story, universe and a space scale war, I think is great. I also like the fact it takes some time to show the conflict from the side of the Xeon at points too.
Also thinking of picking up the Blu-Ray for The Vision of Escaflowne, instead of streaming in crap quality, for a change.


I find it also creepy but I’m extremely biased because all “cute” things seem creepy to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve only ever seen bits and pieces of the original Gundam when I was younger but I grabbed the blurays and started over from the beginning. For some reason I was under the impression that since it is an older anime it would gloss over things like death and violence but boy was I wrong lol.


Ohhhhh yeah, got buckets of suffering up in here! I’m actually interested in seeing what they do with stuff like 08th MS Team as I’ve heard it’s more gritty and realistic.


08th MS team really narrows the focus but it kinda goes crazy towards the end, I was half asleep during the last few episodes so I’ll have to watch it again.


Fair enough, it’ll probably be a while til I watch it but I’ll want to at some point. The plan is to watch Stardust Memories (as it’s a prequel to Zeta) and then Zeta Gundam and follow the UC timeline with Char’s Counterattack, etc. Then maybe watch some of the OVA’s and The Origin.


My bust gonna burst open with Hourou Musuko, so much feel.

But does anybody know that girl is in which anime? I have seen it from time to time on Pixiv and would like to check that anime after if it’s interesting. Or is it an original work? (ya in part I find animes to watch by the beautiful girls, you never have enough beauty surrounding you :3 )


That appears to be an original. Looks bad ass though.

How far into Hourou Musuko are you?


Ya, badass and sexy, ggrrrrrr ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Finished episode 5 ( ya I’m really slow with that anime). I went over my rule of one episode every two days and watched 2 episodes on two consecutive days. I felt like I could have watched two tonight, but then I considered I would be overflown by the feels. But still the anime is really good.


Yeah some series need to be taken slow, can’t remember the last one I had to watch in small doses though. I am a binge watcher.