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Senjougahara knows what’s important.


I just can’t figure out Kaiki Deishuu.
What I can say for sure, though, is that I like his music theme. Enjoyed Nadeko Medusa.
But I came to realize that I don’t care much about Kanbaru.


I love his character


That bastard made me hungry now…

Why do I search for things like that when I’m hungry and have no grill???


Eromanga Sensei is giving me severe autism.


It is ultimate trash, I dropped it.


I’m reading the manga. i got through the first 4 chapters and nope. the closet imouto attraction the MC has for his sister and the #PLOT is not doing it for me.


Because it’s loli plot performed by unlikeable characters.
All of them acted in a way that pissed me off.


The #plot is sub par, and the “I love my sister but we’re not blood related so it’s cool” when girls are throwing themselves at the mc is dumb.

It’s basic light novel trash. It would have been much better if it had approached Sagiri’s isolation more seriously.


So…now I finished the Bake, Nise, Neko (Black/White), Kabuki, Otori, Oni, Koi and Hana Monogatari chapters (again).
On to Monogatari Series: Final Season, starting with Tsukimonogatari. Only waiting for Owarimonogatari II to air.
Whoever came up with the naming and structuring of the whole Monogatari series: eff u!

Got my hands on Koyomimonogatari which is new story to me.


These conserts are looking pretty good.

edit: Old video is dead so here’s another (same concert).


I’m progressing very slowly with Hourou Musuko. It’s really sweet, but also it’s like vanilla salt. There is no way I can binge watch that without being crushed by the feels, so I need to watch one episode every 2 days to accommodate my sensible side that I really don’t show often in everyday life ^^

Oh man that show works up my inside.


This is creepy…


Hmm… How so?

I just find it cool :grin:


theres an anime lounge?


Indeed there is


IDK its just some 3D chick. I get that she’s super popular in Japan but in the context of a massive concert I find the whole thing strange.


Yes sir, and welcome.


It’s just computers silently trying to take over the world, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


I’m down to 4-ish new shows + 2 leftovers this season.

A lot fewer than the 12 I followed this past Spring.