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3 new (to the Anime Lounge) people in one day, nice.
Welcome @Leon_the_Loner & @gigabusterEXE


One of us! One of us! One of us!


Getting a new fan today. You know what that means…


Oh. and that nut-job Nadeko…jeez.



At least the new one works. The instructions were in Turkish, English and German…but neither the English nor the German ones were understandable. Only had to refer to the manual because there are some details that are…uhm, let’s say majorly different than other “normal” fans.

The instructions of how to join the pole to the bottom plate was literally just an unfinished sentence in German.
Smells like cheap plastic but otherwise it seems to be sturdy. In my experiences it’s the motor that dies 90% of the time while the rest will outlive you.


Bet this one does too…


The motors should be more open. I have a feeling (since I can’t confirm it) that those motors die because they overheat and some wire burns out. Crammed into a little plastic housing with no airflow.

Ironic. It could save others from the heat, but not itself.


Is this the fan lounge now?


Yup, and only the best fan service :stuck_out_tongue:


Too lewd?

Ararararagi-kun spoiler



Found another streaming site for better or worse. Adding it to the list.


Interesting, ad supported like free CR
Personally I’d rather pay than have ads


Indeed, and Funimation for the most part.
Agree, I would rather pay as well, but I know some people don’t/can’t.

I might give it a go some time, but all the anime I’m planing on watching soon is available on VRV.


Also found this, but it’s service is ending in October, so I’m not going to add it to the list.


I heard of daisuki but never went there.
Goes to show how little the industry does in terms of advertising, they expect the fans to do it for them.


Starting Himouto! Umaru-chan, and trying out HIDIVE.


Hah, new.

Guess it’s about time I finally watch the final episode of bakemonogatari and watch the rest of the monogatari series…Right after tenshi no tamago.


Well new to this particular group of degenerates.