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Don’t sell yourself short, you actually made a point.


Where’s the tldr >:3


I just find it funny when you watch a series then suddenly realize you’re 1/3-1/4 way through and there is still no sign of an overarching plotline.


oki :3

tl;dr fantasy world genre is a decent platform with a lot of potential if done properly but so far most of the ones people have made are crap and are all basically the same. And it’s been done to death, like trying to squeeze grape juice out of a raisin.


Don’t indulge him


if I don’t he’ll go into withdrawal and might actually have to read :3


But desu


Yes, many many male MCs in what feels like mass-produced harem anime are annoying little wimps.
Good post, zoltan! :wink:

@Skelterz Finished Tsubasa Tiger today. On to Kabukimonogatari and still can’t stand Ougi.


I call them cardboard mcs, they have no character and only serve as a stand in for the viewer.

Ougi is hard to get a read on and I’m not sure what her role is exactly.

I liked that Araragi stayed out of Tsubasa Tiger, it let Senjougahara and Hanekawa lift the tension that was between them.


You mean except that he basically dealt the final blow .

While I tried to watch the series in the chronological order, until now I still have no clue why Senjougahara was acting so submissive towards Hanekawa during Karen Bee. While she acted quite the opposite of that during Tsubasa Tiger.


Lol honestly forgot, he played such a small role.
I think Hanekawa used Senjougahara’s insecurities to goad her into going along with whatever.


Wow that’s quite the rant.
Definitely a lot of good points in there, though I havn’t seen In Another World With My Smartphone, but a lot of that was targeted towards MCs in general.

Agree. I read the title, and my initial thought was that could be cool.

But then you’d be the only one that could appreciate it. I enjoyed reading it, and it looks like I’m not the only one based on the amount of likes on it.

Very nicely done rant, and I appreciate the amount of work you put into it (looks like a lot).



I thought it was just me. can’t stand Ougi too.


@Tekki welcome to Level 1 Techs forums, and more specifically welcome to our Anime Lounge.


Log horizon has an interesting take. You think it’s just normal anime tropes, but there’s a whole discussion of economies and culture going on if you pay attention.


just got this in, might watch it tonight


Very nice! I quite liked Thunderbolt.

This is what I got yesterday


I don’t know what @gigabusterEXE loves more, Jojo or Metal Gear. If only there was a mash up of the two.




So this is the anime lounge, time for weeb shit posting