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“you know those beach/hotspring episodes we put in for fan-service cause people love them? let’s put fan-service in EVERY episode”

Am now at the 1st episode of Monogatari Second SEASON (@Skelterz)…Hanekawa really deserves better.


Tsubasa family is a very painful arc
Araragi’s reaction to it is pretty good.
His physical reaction conveys more than any monologue could.

Wait that was in Neko…

Tsubasa tiger?


Yep, first in Neko, then in Tsubasa Tiger.

The feeling reminds me of Mayu from Elfen Lied.


Let me know when you finish that arc


Had them in folders, separating the arcs in Second Season but when I got it in 1080p all episodes were in one single folder.
But it’s only 5 episodes for that arc, so…




Might finish it tonight or not. Depending on the course of tonight’s temperature and my willingness to sleep in a sea of sweat…

According to a chronological timeline I found online the whereabouts of Araragi will be dealt with in Owarimonogatari Vol2 and Onimonogatari which take place during Tsubasa Tiger…RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!

This shit is confusing af!


Shinobu Mail arc covers where Araragi was during Tsubasa tiger


I used this as a guide.


Crunchyroll guest pass:

First one gets it. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Used it :wink:




Oh my boy do I begin to be really difficult with animes (and up to this date I’ve only watched 31 anime and movies!). It seems that more and more time goes by, the more and more I am exigent. But ya look at several anime on crunchyroll, most of them thrown at the garbage within the first 30 seconds. And seriously in the popular section, why people look at so much lewd anime that don’t have any class at all?

Whatever, I then began to watch Hourou Musuko. The beginning with the artstyle didn’t bring too much interest to me, I skimmed and then… I kinda fall in love with the anime… it’s like vanilla salt. I even moisturized a little bit my eyes only with the first episode.

(and it’s annoying that CrunchyRoll don’t put subtitles at the OP and ED)


the art style is kind of muted

I love this anime, I can’t believe I put it off for so long.

I’ve seen 220 series, 11 OVAs and 46 movies


this is a manga series I really enjoy

the releases are spotty but it’s a great survival story


Finished The Future Diary
Totally thought it was all about Yuno’s obsession with Yuki (it’s all I ever heard about it), though not completely inaccurate there’s a lot more to it, with the “game” where competitors get diaries that tell the future, and the winner becomes “God”. Really great story that I don’t think gets credited enough.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this, but the ending got really fast paced with too much going on IMO, and I honestly wasn’t overly fond of the ending.

BTW Massive Danganronpa vibes towards the beginning (Future Diary came out first though)



At this point I think i get where this series is going and that would be nowhere. the harem is still growing and every encounter has not stakes because the mc is way too overpowered


I read some of the translated novel.

It was dumb.


incoming rant, I just realized I wrote a Zoltan post, incoming rant!

see, it’s stuff like this that pisses me off about the Japanese media and animation industry. They take an idea that by itself could be a really good basis for a story if executed correctly and then turn it into this flowery, happy-go-lucky done-to-death isekai token-harem bullshit with slight variations of characters we’ve seen a dozen times over and a dozen times again. The MC is another bright-eyed, naive, witless beta with an invariably dark, untidy mop of hair and whose voice makes him sound like he’s 10. We get a premise pointlessly explaining why MC is there, except that it’s used as a convenient conduit for also explaining that MC is now basically unstoppable. Even his phone, the entire basis of the show, has all the limitations it would have in a post-medieval fantasy setting taken away (he doesn’t have to charge it, he can make calls with it, he can even BROWSE THE FUCKING INTERNET with it), basically rendering the entire show as nothing other than a worthless, plotless “kyaaaaa” harem flic with some tasteless ecchi thrown in on the side.

Seriously, how hard is it to make a good storyline with this kind of setting? I’m not opposed to the concept of isekai series, but all of them turn out the same damn way. We don’t need the God scene explaining why he’s there - Oda Nobuna no Yabou did away with that and it was great. Just drop MC in there. Don’t even give him an opportunity to charge his phone before he gets there. Leave him with 36% and force him to turn the phone off unless he needs the calculator. He can’t use his phone until he has a way to charge it. Hell, make him a former engineering student and force him to pull himself up by his bootstraps. Get him to find copper, learn how to extrude it into wires, coil it and make a dynamo. Make him devote time and effort working for subsistence rather than having some doe-eyed bourgeois or tsundere sugar-fortune princess go all gooey for him and take care of his financial problems, room and board just because he looks foreign and wears strange clothes and “it’s not like I like him or anything, baka”. Get rid of the Adventure Guild with its Easy-Money Bulletin Board of Quests because those were never a thing anyway. Get rid of the convenient Ex Machinas, get rid of the harem, get rid of the Gainaxing, get rid of the overused character archetypes, don’t even give MC a loli! if you must have a loli, you gotta make him earn his loli, dammit!

If you’re a smart 21st century dude thrown into the middle ages, the world is basically your oyster with a little effort. Plagues and disease will pass over you with no effect because you’re already immune to most of them. Being able to do your 1-12x multiplication tables automatically makes you smarter than 99.99% of everyone who ever lived, because of your medical record and personal hygiene you are healthier and cleaner than 100% of people who ever lived. You don’t need proficiency in all magic, you don’t even need the smartphone when it comes down to it. You just need wits, effort and initiative.

This and other things are why I consider any anime that look like this to be a hollow, worthless cash grab feeding on the insecurities of young Japanese NEETs. People need role models, not “universally relatable” characters. It’s not hard, storywriters, I just gave you suggestions off the top of my head about how to make the novels and shows good, and I can’t write stories for shit! I got more! Maybe I should write some of them down instead of blathering about them online!