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eBay my man


I prefer Black Hanekawa. I guess the dangerous type is more attractive to me.

But I don’t know why they call her black when her hair is white.


Maybe its the panties he he

gotta go deeper
another one
another one
last one?
okay I am done

Sauce is Kizumonogatari: tekketsu-hen
at 7:53



When is Reiketsu supposed to get released stateside?


Well it came out in Japan in July so hopefully we can expect an August or September release. But I feel like it would be more along the lines of October :confused:


Uhhh wrong lounge?
Unless you are going to Itasha your WRX and post pics.


It’s gonna be the Nekopara girls lol


Good shit, looking forward to it


god damn it.
A Co worker of mine is gonna find a lt hawk eye decal I have to use on the car somewhere cause it’s a hawk eye


Beautiful, I can’t wait to see it :grin:


I requested this one.


Guys, I have kind of a strange question for you, but do you happen to act sometimes like anime characters in your everyday life, like the small habits and hand gestures.

By example, for me, often I will hold my front arm upright like Nepgear, sometime walk with my right arm along my body with the hand raise still like Nepgear, hold my finger in the air in front of my face when ask a question by a visitor the same way Histoire do it, etc.


I’ve always cracked my fingers but after watching Tokyo Ghoul i now crack my fingers like Kaneki


Hahaha, after I read cityle post that is immediately what I thought about. I do it that way after I saw it as well.

I’ve done the akanbe before (spoiler it doesn’t work as well with 3D)


Started rewatching Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

absolutely love the characters and this


Hmmm not so much from anime but family members have a gesture that been present in me and other members 3 generation’s before me.
We either hold one or sometimes both arms close to our bodies with our elbows bent and wrist close to our chest. No clue but it just happens at random.
Depending who I am with I will tilt my head to the side like a dog, definitely not shaft style though. That would be outrageous.
Other than that I am a freaking stone.


Afro Ginger looks cool.




Typical anime production meeting