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This is Kiss Shot from Mayoi Jiangshi, damn it that whole arc was great.


I just wanna find out what the deal with Ougi is, why she has the same surname as Meme and Shinobu.
And then close the case, can’t stand her.



I also liked the Sodachi arcs and Shinobu Mail


I hope so. The series is confusing as is. It can easily rival any Quentin Tarantino movie when it comes to jumping around on the timeline of the story.


Lol true.

Owarimonogatari 2 is supposed to air later this summer.


tbh, I don’t know the arcs by name, let alone which season they belong to.


There aren’t really seasons each series is an adaptation of one or more of the novel volumes.


It has season in the name :stuck_out_tongue:




Never found that kind of thing confusing like there is nothing weird or disconnected about telling story like that



I’m always serious :smiley:



I think most confusing stories are shoujo’s like Railgun or even these Diabolic Lovers, like I’m not sure when there is anything going on or if its just weather talk, then someone is losing her mind because of absolutely nothing, and I’m like wtf is going on :joy:


What’s confusing about the Monogatari series is knowing when each story happens in relation to the rest of the series.


That’s lame. It just got out of beta, so hopefully there just working on getting to other places (maybe legal issues).

VRV does still need a few little things polished up IMO. Hopefully you get it soon.


I’m not a fan of streaming services as is. It’s the movie/show equivalent to console exclusives.
Let me buy my shit as hard copies for a reasonable price, maybe throw in a download code (with an easy way of downloading it) for the digital version and all is good.


anime is expensive even in Japan but iirc not as expensive in most cases as in NA and EU. I could be wrong though, I didn’t really go into any anime stores while I was there.

Manga on the other hand is an entirely different story. Holy crap, I know translating, licensing and publishing rights for a rather niche product are contributing factors, but damn, NA gets shafted on manga. You’re talking at least $10 for a single tankobon volume. I’ll give an example: I recently bought the entire Kure-nai series (10 volumes) for $50 shipped from Japan. On the back they have their mandated retail price of 438JPY (8% sales tax brings it to about 473). At today’s exchange rate that’s less than $4.50. Never buying translated manga ever again.

Slightly unrelated, I’ve actually started finding that in most cases I enjoy the manga more than a given anime. Kure-nai for instance, as an anime is one big flashback from the manga. Murasaki is way better in the manga imo. She looks like a mini Shana, where in the anime she looks like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.


Thanks for the info.

I recently bought all 11 volumes of Sankarea, was about $130 with tax.

I wouldn’t mind buying original Japanese volumes but like @gigabusterEXE said I can’t read those moon runes.


Back when I was in highschool the Dragonball mangas were 5.20€ per volume (except Vol42 since it’s bigger).

Naruto 5.00€(GER)/5.20€(AUT), One Piece same.
Soul Eater 6.20€ here but had a promo even printed on the back where the price is for -50% until March 31th 2010.
Those are German translations, btw.
Bleach is 5.60€ per volume.

Looks like they raised the price to 5.95€ (GER) though for big series like Naruto and One Piece.

But…I don’t know if you can even get the Japanese or English versions here. Never seen a section for English manga in comic book shops.