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Kinda wish that Border Break was an anime..Did not know about it(a game)until I watch that video..
Might be a decent mech anime..Got burned out on gundam a long time ago(toonami days)..Not really a fan of a lot of mech anime..


You're going to do that aren't you?


wait wendell watches anime?


I have 1tb+ in my anime folder


Who's Rem?

Only 4 more episodes of Penguin Drum left. Things are getting srs. Had a tear at one point. Still have no idea what's going on. Apparently the last few episodes are very busy (meaning a lot happens really fast), so I'm going to try and be as awake as I can be to watch them.

I've been pushing through the series at like 8PM half-falling asleep, so I hope I haven't missed anything important. kek



Since this reply chain seems to keep stepping up, inb4 the next guy says he has more than me.

subtract about 1TB of other data.



Rem is a demon maid girl from Re:Zero who at episode 17 makes one of the best, deepest, most heart-wrenching confessions of love in anime history to the whiny, good-for-nothing, responsibility-denying and friend-abandoning asshole of a main protagonist, and the protagonist immediately tells her to her face that he prefers a girl with whom he has spent what amounts to a few hours of time. Most of that time was spent embarrassing her in front of her peers, lying to her, breaking promises he made with her and getting her killed (twice). And Rem still continues to support him.



Wow, your description makes him seem like a bigger ass than Makoto from school days.


To be fair, the entire premise of Subaru's character was to be as unlikeable as possible. Damn did they do a good job.



You gave no flag. The deluge that followed was your doing.




Yes, it's during the second half of the episodes that there is that reversal of situation going on, where all the expectations you made are turn over, and where this is a steep increase in action, every pieces falling into position.

And you will have difficulties to try to not cry at the last episode.


in other news - I am surprisingly impressed at this one:
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

I was skeptical about this one because it falls into the massively done-to-death genre of the Magical Academy in a Steampunk-ish Setting, but I'm impressed thus far nonetheless. The first episode is a rocky start because it does fall into a lot of the traps usually associated with these kinds of shows - the uniforms for the girls are blatant fanservice, but the rest of it so far is pretty good. The teacher starts out as lazy and unlikeable but he actually turns out to be a NGNL-Sora-tier badass really quickly. I'd recommend giving the show a shot for now.


Who wants a headphone giveaway?

Kinda sorta. We will see I guess.

I'd beat you, would do a screencap but I can't find the gyazo link... or the image for that matter. Need a new PSU for my server pc before I can access the drives.


Lol no one knows who rem is.


Everyone knows who Rem is. I could ask my 60-year-old colleagues at work and they'd probably go "Sorry, KemoKa, I love Emilia."


Hell yeah, headphone giveaway!!!


wow, now that everyone has been showing their multi-terabyte collections of Anime, I finally have a use for my 12TB Fibre Channel SAN.

That will be my next project log.


My server is down as well otherwise I'd show my single 4TB anime archive.

I mean... it has other stuff on it too that's not anime, but anime takes up over half of it.