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What I've done is rate the garbage so people hopefully don't waste their time


I have a list of cartoons that I consider anime in the "about me" box. You could do the same except for recommended anime.


I rate when I feel like it. Also not sure if the list is complete. Pretty lazy when it comes to updating it.


Anyone see Classroom of the Elite?

First episode caught my attention


Yes, the premise is intriguing


Read the description on MAL and at first I was like "great...snobbish rich teens" but for some reason I still got curious. As with several other anime this season. 10 so far, not including continuing anime from last season.


That's what I initially thought, but then I noticed the MC and went:

Oreki Houtarou has a competitor... interesting...


Caught the first episode of Gamers! today, I've updated my list




2min30sec.....during this short amount of time there are already panty-shots and giggling breasts in the first episode of New Game!!
What happened?


Yeah I noticed they leaned real heavy into the shots..Maybe it is just a grab to keep the user base..Like GOT(and most other drama cable shows) does/did in their first few seasons..


Not that I complain but ti just felt weird. New Game ain't the kind of anime that needs fan service sprinkled all over every episode to keep their audience. The typical hot spring spa/beach episode is still welcome, but that's not what New Game is about.


New game, new lewd :^)

Luckly it wasn't like that throughout the entire episode.


I am so disappointed in Food Wars... Sooo disappointed...
I watched a couple episodes of Mister Ajikko... It's basically Food Wars in the 70s... Oh, the disappointment...


I freaking love this opening, it fills me with hype the most


I am liking this..Along with a quite a few others this season..


As am I


Circus-P is my favorite Vocaloid producer.

He’s playing his new album.


I wasn't sure but A Centaur's Life is kind if trashy