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The waifu thing was not my idea but it was NSFW. It's actually gone now. I can't even find it in my list of topics.


I think that's the definition of being "de-listed".

Rather "unlisted."


It was going to happen anyways, I was just helping.

This thread is actually serving a purpose and I don't feel uncomfortable coming in here reading the different anime suggestions people have.


i felt this needs to be posted



No it wasn't going to happen. If you felt uncomfortable you should have not gone there in the first place you dickhead.


Both of you take it somewhere else. PM, different thread, different forum, whatever. Don't turn this into another bickering arena.


I have no desire to take it anywhere. including here


Alright, I made some more changes :ok_hand:


My favorite youtuber just put out a video :smiley:
Japanese car culture + anime lol.

at 6:50 "If you're considering unsubbing because of this video please don't" lmfao!!!
(he normally does and/or films drifting)



I can't believe I know all this.


And yes Rem is the best girl..


Rem is best girl.

but Subaru sure as hell doesn't deserve her, rofl.


Then who does!?


a hypothetical, better protagonist.


An r32?


Took me a while. Nice one.


Throwing a bull bar on a car is weird..


Natsuki Subaru is an abominable piece of shit and that is why i liked that show so much


Oh ya I've seen one of those last summer at Osaka. Was way smaller but was fun to walk through and look, and to try to spot your favourite characters. (there was a lot of Love Live! also)


Chars S2000 tho.