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Where did you get this info?


I first saw it from here but there's articles talking about it.



I'm so sad


I'm actually rewatching Monster, I had to import the series from Austurlia to get all 74 episodes cause VIZ NEVER PUBLISHED THE REST OF THE SERIES TO DVD EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD THE RIGHTS AND DUBBED IT. I love how it's a slow burn and gets horror. The English dub is pretty good. It is a shame that many in the states haven't seen it. I'm just enjoy rewatching it again. I'm also about to finish the Eccentric Family 2 which is kinda of entertaining.


I watched a bit when it aired on sci-fi but only sporadically



I just finished RWBY Vol 4. Had left off when Episode 9 aired. I thought it was a pretty good conclusion to the season.


Pretty interested in more ReLIFE.

RWBY Volume 4 didn't seem to do much as far as the story line goes. I thought it just tied up a few things, gave you more background on a few characters, and set things up for the next volume. I still enjoyed it though.

I loved seeing Nora and Ren as kids (very cute).

Maybe just taking easy after the craziness that was volume 3. I know if I was binge watching it, I could use some chill episodes after all that.


Waifus are comming!
I'm sure this will help Japan with their lack of baby making XP

BTW I love it when they talk about anime stuff (it's so funny)


Here is the list of crap I am watching this season so far

Knights and Magic - it's got robots in it
Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Boku no Hero
A Centaurs life
Restaurant to Another World
Tsudere Children
Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun
Netsuzou Trap

quite a bit more than I watched last season.

ok adding two more

New Game!!
In Another World with My Smartphone

this doesn't even include New Game: Zero or Owarimonogatari...

By the way, GET HYPE!


Yeah I think season is a little more interesting.


Summer is look kinda average for me.

I have a few on my list, but I have an overall "meh" feeling.


Same, this is that cheesy summer season and this years theme seems to be school romance

A bit of this despair each year and then Game of Thrones comes to save us


yep, and that's how it's been for seven years, but after this year, no longer.


2018 summer

After month

After 2½ months


I skipped Pomo Poko. I understand it was a movie about the importance preservation of nature, but don't do that with that strange voice over and metamorphosing racoons.

And I skipped Whisper of the Hearth also. Who puts country music about fucking West Virginia at the beginning of a movie? And I found the plot very boring. (It's not because it's a Miyazaki movie that it will a different treatment than the other anime) I just skimmed over to see that cat character that looked a lot like the one in Cat Kingdom (most certainly Miyazaki took again that character for that movie) and at the same time I've seen there was a wink to Castle in the Sky.

Well next on the list is Princess Mononoke, but I keep for tomorow as it's a special movie for me.


As I mentioned before I am enjoying this season much more compared to last, only watched 4 from the spring season.
So far 6 maybe 7 are on my que that I have watched and think got some potential entertaining me.


Good, good.
Despite being quite sick of "serious medieval-fantasy" type anime, I quite enjoyed Virgin Soul so far. Nin is quite refreshing in that kind of setting.

And oh boy, Boku no Hero Academia almost gets me going like DBZ when it first aired here (back when I was in my early teens and had much more enthusiasm). Surprises me everytime. No big fights on the scale of DBZ or other shonen anime....yet has the same effect on me, this strong feeling of rooting for a hero (or hero in training).
Season 1 Opening is best Opening.

I'm also watching Sakura Quest. I have a weak spot for those anime set in rural areas.

Can't wait until New Game!! starts.


It has.

The Rage of Bahamut series has great comedic relief, I find myself laughing out loud a lot watching it.


wha....? How did I miss that?


That how I felt with My Hero Acadamia and New Game!!
Had to double take on the relesae calendar.

Side note, finally updated MAL to current watching uhhh, enjoy the garbage I guess.

I wish there was a way to show the anime I would recommend in its own list since I don't give ratings.