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Lol, have $400 in Monogatari in my rightstuff cart


I have watched some Initial D, enjoyed it too but just did not keep watching. Though i do really like cars and all thay show was aboit.

I am very bad at keeping something up, hell I have a few half finished hardware projects too. All in a days eh... Yeah actually never mind.


Haha, well I can understand that. I have too many projects, that I'm sure will get finished tomorrow haha :wink:


Speaking of FLCL, anyone seen the new trailer for FLCL 2 and FLCL 3?


Yes, I am cautiously optimistic at the moment


It's one of those situations where if the producers aren't pissing themselves worried and walking on eggshells making it as good as possible, all hell will break loose on them.

bit hyperbolic, maybe. But that's how much I feel like FLCL means to its followers. It has a very... cohesive fanbase.


I hope they won't pander to fans of the og series and just try to make a good anime.


Was FLCL supposed to have a sequel (never watched much of it) but never came into fruition until now or because why not?


No, it was just the 6 episodes


Then is this sequel supposed to be with completely different characters or sticking with the main cast and setting?


New characters, maybe appearances by old cast, I've got no idea the trailer doesn't really let on.


Then this could be either a sequel we never asked for but needed or a pointless extension of an existing IP that could disappoint everyone.


Alright I'll watch Kona Suba after I'm done with Trigun!


Hence why I'm cautiously optimistic, I don't want it to be bad but I cannot ignore the possibility.


Good choice


Trigun was amazing!


Nah, I don't think there was suppose to be a sequel. It just randomly happened.


RIP Konosuba. They won't be making a season 3 and they left season 2 kinda on a cliff hanger.

But Konosuba is probably one of the funniest animu's I've seen.


Yeah Vash is a funny guy


Nooooooooooooooo! That sucks....