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Also, the last one, the one about Hip-Hop/Rap... yeah, fine, it's not all, but it's certainly a stunning proportion of it.


So what kind of genres of anime do you guys enjoy watching?


Slice of life


I'll give anything a shot






Your just asking for it hahaha.

For the most part I'll try anything.


Well I got nothing crazy or witty to reply back to since my Anime knowledge consists of 7+ shows I've watched and completed.


I gotcha fam!
Hay @Skelterz you should give Boku no Pico a shot!

You'd be like


Fun for the whole family


BTW @Orthonox, what genres are you enjoying?


kona suba is technically harem and it's a comedy thats pretty damn good.

@Skelterz i am watching aria fight flowers


So good. Many episodes had my sides hurting.


"recomend boku no pico and school days xd"


I'm open to anything honestly. I would be watching some anime and picking some from a list I have but life.

That being said, I do enjoy some comedies. I love the first season of Space Dandy and need to watch the second one. What I've seen of Nichijou from online, I definitely need to watch all of it. Interested in Gintama based as well.

Other things: Action, adventure, open to Slice of life, fantasy, sci fi, whatever the hell Fooly Cooly is.


If you showed me Boku No Pico, I would laugh at it more than being disgusted because everything outside the sexual themes are also laughable bad.


I would recommend Rage of Bahamut: Genesis and Virgin Soul if you haven't seen them, it's a fantasy action drama with some good comedy in it. The first season has a lot to cram into it but it picks up in the second season really well.


I don't enjoy a particular genre, I'm pretty picky when it comes to anime. I usually pick shows whose synopses look interesting to me, and I watch them to see if they're any good.

I'm not a huge fan of overused cliches and tropes. It's also really easy for a given character to start annoying me (i.e. hyperfeminine girls, whiny/indecisive/unassertive boys, etc), so a lot of anime I've watched have fallen by the wayside.

Lolis are an easy way to get me to watch a show, but they can also just as easily completely ruin one for me.

If I had to pick a genre that I'd say I'm most on the lookout for, probably Adventure, but that's super vague.


Strangely enough my eyes dont die from anime and have been suspecting that I dont blink while watching things, and like after couple movies my eyes are foggy sometimes even day after

Next time when feeling like watcing some trilogy I'll get some eye drops and be like, okay lets do this :smiley:

Then next day I'm sad like that did absolutely nothing, and its some weird strain like just lasering that one spot causes it


Summer Season has kicked off.

What are some shows people are interested in this summer?