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She's 21, so yup, she's fine :3


drinking buddy Hachikuji!


She'll drink, get wasted, then start stuttering and mispronounce your name.


"That was a pretty good albeit vague reference to 'Nightmare Before Christmas', and honestly I'd love to change my name to it. However, Hachikuji, I've told you over and over and over again, my name is Skelterz"

"Sorry, I stuttered."

"No. You did it on purpose."


I love those weird exchanges in the Monogatari series


The one that made me laugh the hardest was where she does this.

Anyone who understands this reference in America without looking it up garners my immediate respect.


Sorry I don't get it :frowning:


has anyone here seen Sword Oratoria ?


Don't worry, it's an absurdly vague reference outside Japan. Pretty much nobody outside Japan would get it. You're fine x3


Yeah I got no clue either, I see it all around the damn place.
I get a chuckle out of seeing the face pop up though.


For those who are at all interested, it's a reference to Peko-chan.




Princess Principal looks like it might turn out to be a pretty good show if it keeps the style of the first episode.


Duuuude leave the kids alone. This one is far better.


As fan of fantasy adult ladies I can agree with that statement


I've finished watching Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man, both are amazing! As for Iron Blooded Orphans it is freaking amazing too, the ending is just bitter sweetly great.

I need to look for more anime to watch, I made myself watch Haiyore Nyaruko-San and I laughed my ass off at the references. (Less offensive Gintama) I've decided to give romance/harem kind ones a try and I heard Date A Live is decent?


No idea about Date A Live as have been more and more fed up with harems, that said I like romance

Favorite harem one is probably

or if thats too dated then

The problem these harems have is that indecisive little boy being seduced by multiple ladies, and it never goes anywhere at all, and thats the plot, the only plot


You just took the words out of my mouth. Harem shows are nothing but cock-tease. And if the show is not rated R18 nothing will ever happen the MC and the girls.


I think cock tease is fine like why would I be bothered by it, its just that I'd rather have it as seinen instead of shounen if that makes sense

eggs and stuff :smiley:

For just romance that would be like changing 11 episodes of blushing and confession, to actually showing for once whats the next step, and not do that harem move where more boobs just come and for the time being she is set on hold


With all due respect, the second statement (country music) is not entirely inaccurate.


I haven't listened to enough (or almost any) country music to know what it exactly sounds like.