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Suzumiya, would definitely keep you on your feet haha, good choice.


Don't watch unless you like gag comedy harem anime. That's the nightmare fuel, not the fact that she's a horrifying alien tentacle monster.




The anime was utter and complete shit.

The manga was significantly better.


The english VA for Tsukune was the whiniest mother fucker


Only dub I have seen is DBZ so all of them are super weird, and I'm imagining whiniest mother fucker as Eren / any titan character being spread to all sorts of animes


I hear Panty & Stocking's dub is better, from the clips I've seen it sounds amazing haha


This plagues male protagonists of so many anime. What is happening to Japanese men? I swear, the time I spent in Japan, the girls are more manly than the boys, even irl.

One of the many reasons I love the Monogatari series so much. Araragi's not He-Man, but he's definitely not a wuss.

actually, scratch that, he is pretty ripped...



Feels like Cartoon Network


BTW this is the girl that reminded me that I need to watch a vampire anime, though she not a serious vampire.

Hikari Takanashi from Interviews With Monster Girls


She is also candidate for best girl, although the show's pretty bland.

Main problem I have with Hikari is that there's not even a whole lot that even sets her apart as a vampire, either, other than being pasty, blonde and not liking the sun very much. Not sure how the fictional Japanese government went about determining she's a vampire...


She does drink blood too. I really enjoy slice of life anime, and this one was right up my alley.

The fang really helps for best girl haha. I love the fang.


Yeah, there's that, but honestly anyone can go drink blood if they really really want to. If someone started biting people on the neck they wouldn't be written down as a vampire and given a pint a month, they'd be committed to a mental institution.

/nitpicking anime logic


Oh wait! How could I forget!

Waifu #2: Hachikuji Mayoi


Apocalypse Hachikuji is best


She is pretty hot.

(and more legal)


100% legal iirc

In fact i got my copy of Kabukimonogatari