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Don't lewd the ancient vampire lolis


Vampire Bund with just vampires and humans


No, Black Blood Brothers


I recognize her anywhere haha

going to start Trinity Blood


You just reminded me of one other girl that can compete with Shinobu and Shana for best.


One day when they get past that country thing that Korean manhwa will be great anime


Yeah I wanted more of that show..


Lol Shana all the way.


Was its shokugo no Shana?
I recall seeing that tittle but never bothered with it.

Just looking for more anime to pile on.



it's pretty old, first aired in 2005, but it's really good.

i would call it a classic but that causes agro cuz it's probably not old enough to be considered one yet please don't hurt me...


I love this anime. I need to watch it again, but this was my absolute favorite for quite a while, and the last season will rip your hart out, which I absolutely love.


Let the Waifu wars BEGIN!

Nori-chan is #1


I wanted to be part of the waifu war, but then I remembered I've never been able to choose a waifu. Monogamy is real hard.


So hard to find good gifs of Shana

Her true form.


Sonozaki-san is not impressed


Kanade Tachibana <3

Little known about me is that Angel Beats is the first 'real' anime I ever watched, so the fact that Kanade is my waifu of choice is quite fitting.


Wonder what on dear Cthulhu should I pick, its going to probably be some side character


And fuck it. Nanami I choose you!

... or Suzumiya?...


Funny you should mention...

She's not actually Cthulhu, but she's pretty darn close. Why not go for the Lovecraftian nightmare fuel?