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there are countless chapter devoted to piss, I still enjoy it somewhat but it is super trashy


Finished season one of Drifters.... I need Season 2.
Finished Fuuka - It was decent.


Seo just drives me nuts


Fair enough. Yeah there were dumb moments throughout the anime.


Now imagine that over 100+ chapters

Unrelated I highly recommend the Rage if Bahamut series, Genesis would be the first and Virgin Soul the second.


I could not tolerate that at all.


That is any Seo series; Suzuka, Kimi no iru Machi and Fuuka.


Alright I'm ready to start a vampire anime.
What are some good ones again?


What have you seen?


Owari no Seraph is newest and strongest :smiley:


Eh it's alright



Hellsing Ultimate
Trinity Blood
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Vampire Knight
Blood + (NT)
Monogatari series (NT)
Blood Lad
Princess Ressurection
Jitsu wa Watashi wa

NT= Non traditional vampires


Just watched episode one. This has a lot of promise. Not Eromanga Sensei promise. Like, it could actually be really good. It has a very nice 'Castle in the Sky' feel to it.


Is that in order from your favorite to least favorite?


You got my interest


Not particularly, what are you looking for and what have you seen?

Some the focus of the series isn't really the vampire aspect.

Now days I more have a favorite in the moment but I can't bring myself to rank them based on how much I like them.


From these new ones

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu
Knight's & Magic

and not sure if these others are for me, have to wait second episode


Robots and magic? Count me in!

me after the first episode


Would say its easiest to split that by is it modern/guns or medieval/brawling


I have seen most of these..Minus the I am a vampire high school girl stuff like Bakemonogatari or Rosario to Vampire..